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  • PPT Slideshow - CCT: Clean Coal Technologies
  • This web site represents a significant effort directed at educating state officials, legislators and the general public about the benefits of clean coal technologies.
  • Coal Gasification Process
  • Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) Process
  • Coal-to-Liquids (CTL) Process
  • Intergrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Process
  • Flash Movies - Kentucky Ash Education
  • This web site states ... We need electricity. As long as we burn coal, we will produce ash as a by-product. Let us explain why this matters to you ...
  • How coal is processed at a power plant
  • Path of CCBs to impoundment storage area
  • Path of remaining CCBs
  • Current Uses of CCBs in Today's and Future House
  • CAER FlastFloat Process
  • YouTube Movies - Power Up Kentucky!
  • This web site has seven videos: in each of the seven modules, you will watch a short video that introduces key energy ideas. Look inside a power plant, learn how burnt coal ash can be used in concrete, and find out what algae has to do with keeping carbon out of the air.