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  • Tensile tester
  • Electrochemical Power Sources Equipment

    Electrochemical Equipment and Instrumentation

    • Solartron Galvanostat/Potentiostats
    • EG&G PAR Potentiostat/Galvanostats
    • Arbin 4-Channel Battery Cycler
    • Bitrode 8-channel Battery Cycler
    • Vacuum Atmospheres Glove Box
    • Dynatronix Pulse Reverse Power Supply
    • Tecan Robotic Liquid Handler
    • 6 computer-controlled potentiostats/galvanostats with Scribner Associates Software®
    • 2 frequency response analyzers (FRA) for performing electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)
    • 1 Arbin 4-Channel Battery Cycler
    • 4 Gamry potentiostats attached to PC
    • 1 Bitrode 8-channel Battery Cycler
    • 2 bi-polar computing coulometers
    • 1 Dynatronix pulse-reverse power supply for electroplating and a number of digital power supplies and volt meters

    • Other related equipment includes an RF plasma unit for depositing films and surface treating carbon materials
    • 1 Vacuum Atmospheres environmentally-controlled glove box for handling air sensitive chemicals and materials
    • 1 jet mill for milling particulate samples to a desired particle size distribution
    • Associated power supplies and digital volt meters
    • Associated hardware for fabricating two- and three-electrode test cells


    • Two high temperature, controlled atmosphere furnaces with full retorts for air stabilization and carbonization up to 1500 °C.
    • Two rotary tube furnaces are also available for processing activated carbons and metal oxide active materials.