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Clean Fuels Equipment

Analytical Equipment

  • High temperature (425 °C) capillary GC with FID, flame ionization detection
  • Simulated distillation GC with flame ionization detector
  • GS/MS (2) with EI and CI
  • Automated PC gas analyzers
  • HPLC with refractive index detector
  • Chemiluminescence NOx Analyzer
  • SO2, CO and CO2 Analyzers
  • Packed column GCs with:
  • Thermoconductivity detector
  • Electron capture detector
  • Photo-ionization detector
  • Capillary GCs with:
  • Sulfur chemiluminescence detector
  • Nitrogen chemiluminescence detector
  • Atomic emission detector
  • Flame ionization detector (3)
  • Thermoconductivity detector
  • ESCA (XPS)

Catalyst Characterization Equipment

  • BET surface area analyzer
  • SEM with EDS
  • Temperature programmed reduction/oxidation
  • H2 chemisorption instrument
  • FTIR with DRIFTS cell and in situ microreactor
  • XRD with high temperature in-situ cell
  • In-situ XANES and EXAFS (fluorescence/transmission)

Processing Equipment