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Applied Petrology for 1994-1995

Contact: Jim Hower
Manager, Applied Petrology Laboratory
Phone: 859-257-0261
Fax: 859-257-0302

The Applied Petrology Laboratory is part of the Waste Management Group. Research is conducted on the petrographic and geochemical characterization of Kentucky coals; the interaction of coal petrology with grinding and beneficiation properties; the petrology of carbons; and the petrology of coal-combustion by products, particularly fly ash. Research interactions outside of the CAER are maintained with coal producers and coal-burning utilities; faculty at several universities, including the University of Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University, Western Kentucky University, the University of Wollongong and the University of Cincinnati; and state and national surveys, including the Kentucky Geological Survey, the United States Geological Survey and the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources.