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Direct Liquefaction Projects for 1994-1995

Contact for 1994-1995: Chris Lafferty - Project Director, Advanced Concepts in Direct Liquefaction
Current Contact: Adam Berkovich

Phase I of a DoE-funded project to develop Advanced Concepts for Direct Coal Liquefaction was completed in August, 1995. This three and a half-year study involved collaborative efforts with CONSOL Inc., the Sandia National Laboratory and LDP Associates. The objectives were to conduct laboratory-scale investigations of process concepts that, alone or in combination, could help to reduce the cost of producing liquid fuels. The concepts under study involved pretreatment of the coal feed and recycle solvent, and the development of low-cost dispersed catalysts. Economic evaluations of individual and integrated concepts helped to identify the most promising concepts for further investigation. The findings formed the base of a proposal for Phase II, which has since been awarded. The objectives of the second phase are to further develop and evaluate these concepts, with the generation of more substantiated technical, economic, and process engineering data through continuous bench-scale testing by Hydrocarbon Technologies Inc. The Phase I partners will be responsible for laboratory support studies and the planning and assessment of the continuous operations.

Contact for 1994-1995: Geoff Kimber -Project Director, Novel Concepts in Direct Liquefaction

Direct liquefaction studies are also being conducted in a new project under subcontract to CONSOL Inc. This DoE-sponsored research will examine a novel chemical approach to coal conversion. For reasons of confidentiality, details of the contract Novel Concepts in Direct Liquefaction can not be disclosed.