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Analytical Services for 1994-1995

Contact: Gerald Thomas
Associate Director, Analytical Services
Phone: 859-257-0282
Fax: 859-257-0302

The analytical laboratory analyzed over 3100 samples in support of CAER research during the last fiscal year. The laboratory also provides a limited amount of specialized analyses and technical support to UK faculty and private industry. The list of UK clients include: the Departments of Agronomy, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Chemical and Materials Engineering and Mining Engineering. The analytical laboratory also analyzed an additional 750 samples in support of UK faculty and private industry. The industrial list of clients comes from all facets of the chemical industry, including utilities, chemical, research, consulting and mining companies.

In addition to providing analytical support to UK faculty, educational support was provided to the Departments of Chemistry, Chemical and Materials Engineering and Mining Engineering. Both undergraduate and graduate students from each of these departments have spent time using instruments and/or submitting samples to the laboratory. The analytical laboratory staff also makes a valuable contribution to the Fuel Science course in the form of laboratory classes.

A brochure listing the analytical laboratory capabilities was completed in the spring of this year. The brochure will be used to market the analytical laboratory services to the university and private industry.

To meet the expanding analytical needs of the CAER researchers, the analytical services group continually strives to upgrade and/or purchase new equipment as budgets permit. The laboratory is making major strides in this area. New computer operating systems were installed on the laboratory's X-Ray Fluorescence units this year and a major upgrade of the X-Ray Diffractometer (equivalent to the purchase of a new unit) is on order and should be installed in early 1996. The laboratory is evaluating ICP-MS units with the anticipation of purchasing a unit in early 1996. The purchase of the ICP-MS unit will be the first for the University of Kentucky as well as the first at any state university. The anticipated purchase of this unit has generated great interest not only at CAER but also from other departments. The unit could play a role in obtaining outside funding in the areas of environmental, geological, clinical (medical) and trace elemental research.