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CAER's staff members fall into two categories: research or service. Most employees are research engineers and scientists working throughout a broad spectrum of fossil and renewable energy fields. They are supported by technicians, and administrative/technical support staff. Throughout the year a host of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students work and are mentored at the Center.

Research is carried out every day throughout the laboratories. The quantifiable products of those efforts include: publications, patents, disclosures, communications, professional meetings, etc.

Among our most important aims is to assure that the benefits of research are available to the public and brought into the widest possible use. We pursue an aggressive strategy of intellectual property development and technology transfer by providing consulting and analytical services, and through effective communication and information services.

One of the University's core missions is teaching and instruction. The Center contributes to this important responsibility by providing scholarships, contributing to curriculum and teaching, serving on student advising committees, and as mentors for students at the pre-college, undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels.