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CAER Faculty

The CAER research staff also plays a role in UK's academic departments. Below is a list of the current faculty status of researchers.

Faculty Associates

The CAER maintains a Faculty Associates program with the principal aim of strengthening ties with faculty and students of UK's colleges and departments. The program helps to:

  • encourage collaboration and a provide a multidisciplinary approach to research; and
  • bridge the more fundamental work of the academic departments with the applied and developmental research of CAER and its industrial clientele.

Faculty members who are engaged pursue a range of disciplines complimentary to CAER's competencies in the fuel and carbon sciences, and fuel processing technologies. These include fuel chemistry, industrial and engineering chemistry, petroleum chemistry, catalysis, geology and geochemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, environmental chemistry, materials science and various engineering disciplines.

Faculty associates:

  • share common technical interests,
  • serve as co-investigators on sponsored research projects, and
  • advise, and support students.

CAER normally provides:

  • salary support
  • lab space,
  • access to equipment,
  • research samples and supplies,
  • student support, and
  • travel funds.

Requests to be considered as a faculty associate are based on substantial collaborations between the faculty member and a research staff member at CAER. Appointments are made after consultation between the CAER director and the head of the faculty members' department. A formal appointment is then made by the Executive Vice President for Research.

CAER Faculty Associates include: