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General CAER News

Podcast Icon

  • The CAER is now podcasting as a new means of communicating to our audience. Go to: to experience our first podcast. The audio is from a recent seminar and includes the PowerPoint Slides that were used during the seminar. Future podcasts will include news and features on current science.
  • Rodney Andrews made a presentation before the state's Special Subcommittee on Postsecondary Education. It took place at the KSTCS in Versailles, Kentucky. Rodney's presentation was on the 'engineering pipeline' and lack of future energy specialists.
  • On September 12-13 the representatives from the Department of Homeland Security performed a site visit at CAER.
  • Rodney gave a talk on Utilizing Kentucky's Energy Resources at the Appalachian Regional Commission meeting in Pikeville October 12th.
  • For the first time, CAER has exceeded $1M in industrial services during calendar year. From January 1 to November 1, industrial services invoices totaled $1,005,889.
  • Rodney gave a presentation at the Subcommittee on Education-Engineering Pipeline Meeting in Ashland. Don Challman also attended the meeting.
  • Rodney and Don Challman attended a Coal to Liquids Briefing with Secretary Bodman in Ashland. Rodney gave talk on CAER capabilities in CTL.
  • Rodney gave a talk on "Utilizing KY's Energy Resources" at the Appalachian Regional Commission meeting in Pikeville.

Meetings and Special Presentations

  • Mark Crocker gave the keynote address at the Tri-State Catalysis Society 2006 Symposium.
  • The CAER was well represented at the Pittsburgh Coal Conference in September by exhibiting, presenting, moderating and chairing sessions.

Staff Accolades

  • Jim Hower, Sarah Mardon, and Jen O'Keefe (graduate students working with Jim) attended the national Geological Science of America national meeting in Philadelphia, PA. Sarah (graduate student from UK's Earth and Environmental Science Dept.) and Jen (graduate student from UK's Earth and Environmental Science Dept. and instructor in Morehead's Department of Physical Sciences) received Antoinette Lierman Medlin Scholarships in support of their graduate projects. Jim Hower was awarded the Gilbert H. Cady Award from the Geological Society of America Coal Geology Division. (Jim's honor is highlighted in this issue's feature story.)
  • On October 23rd Rodney accompanied Tom Robl and Jack Groppo to the US EPA's Coal Combustion Partnership Awards ceremony in Atlanta, where the two ECT Group members received an award. (See this issue's feature story.)

Educational Outreach

  • The state legislature's Special Subcommittee on Energy toured the CAER as part of their October 20th meeting.

Tom Robl and Darrell Taulbee with 2006 Legislative Tour

Top: Tom Robl     Inset: Darrell Taulbee

  • Kevin Henke is teaching Geology GLY 150, Earthquakes and Volcanoes at UK this semester.
  • The CAER supported the Eastern Regional Chemical & Materials Engineering Graduate Symposium in October at UK in the form of donation, and by including information regarding research assistantships at the CAER.

Outside Interactions

  • A delegation from the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), the largest offshore oil corporation in China, visited CAER to discuss mutual projects.
  • Rodney Andrews met with Dr. John Hoyt, DHS, who visited the University of Kentucky to meet with the investigators who had DHS grants. Dr. Andrews had dinner with Dr. Hoyt, Dr. Wendy Baldwin, Dr. Chuck Staben and Talina Mathews, Director of the Governor's Office of Energy Policy. Dr. Darrel Taulbee also met with the visitors of DHS to discuss his project.
  • Dr. Philip Ofori of Australia's CSIRO worked at the CAER for a short time this fall researching coal preparation, under the leadership of Dr. BK Parekh. Dr. Ofori is a project leader in coal processing at CSIRO.

BK Parekh with CSIRO Vistiotr

Philip Ofori and B.K. Parkeh