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November-December, 2002


General News

This month an unusual amount of effort went into the drafting and structuring of proposals for federal and state funding. The delay in the passing of the federal DOE appropriations legislation, is delaying the decision making process on a number of CAER proposals which have been submitted before.

Consideration is being given to the next steps in the development of the continuous carbon nanotube production process. Various industrial parties have expressed an interest to be involved and the path forward will be planned in close collaboration with Dr Joe Fink and UKRF.

There is continued interest in parties who are considering using the CAER Fischer-Tropsch expertise and facilities for their R&D work. Such opportunities are actively pursued to extend the value of the CAER position and to be involved in meaningful industrial projects.

Proposals and Awards

A concerted effort to submit proposals for external funding led to the completion of nine during the month. The total value of the proposals totals $1.8M.

Meetings & Special Presentations

The UK Energy and Environment Task Force met three times during November and is on track to present its report during January.

Semicon Associates, Lexington, KY, visited UK to discuss collaboration between Semicon and UK College of Engineering, CRMS and CAER. The Meeting was held at the Faculty Club on Nov. 25th and hosted by Dr. Joe Fink.

  Personnel Accolades

Eva Brown and Paul Shafer completed a year's worth of Computer Network and System Upgrade Training with Execu Train of Lexington.

Eva Brown planned and implemented CAER Computer Training On-Site Courses, along with James Leary of UK Operations Educate. The classes taught were "Meet the Personal Computer" and a self-paced course on basic computer components and applications instructions.

Roger Perrone began working at the CAER in the ECT group on December 16.


Ari attended a meeting of the Coal Utilization Research Council (CURC) in St. Louis. At this meeting, the status of federal energy legislation and the role of coal related R&D was considered. There is increasing alignment in the road maps for technology development between the US DOE, CURC, the Gasification Technology Council and EPRI. In all cases these maps are used to also guide the thinking at CAER to ensure that we position ourselves in such a way that we shall have reasonable chances to compete for federal funding, be close to the main industrial players and be able to do meaningful and exciting R&D.

Discussions were held to consider a plasma gasification technology to generate hydrogen as well as to deal with medical waste. The project is being considered for sitting in Lexington and CAER is participating in the coordination of the UK side of the proposed project which is driven by TriEco.