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Kentucky Energy Clubs to Engage Students

Today's college students will have to live with the results of the energy policy decisions we make today. The coming decades will continue to find energy topics at the forefront of the news. These issues will include: security, sustainability, technology, economics and research, to name a few.

Kentucky Energy Club Web Site

Given the momentum of global energy concerns, current and future students will bear the brunt of change as climate and economics along with population and demographics are affected by the world's insatiable need for a growing energy supply. These students will be the emerging leaders, authors of a new dialogue, and architects of cleaner energy production and consumption.

One way to educate and support students for these roles is with the development of student-run Energy Clubs. Ms. Bree McCarney is the coordinator of the first of the Kentucky clubs (at UK). According to Ms. McCarney, the new chapter aims to "foster a dialogue on energy efficiency, renewability, sustainability along with information about Kentucky's energy resources both in fossil fuels and biomass."

One of the targeted goals of the Energy Club is to provide education and resources to advance in-depth understanding of coal operations, technologies, and electricity production and emission. The club mission pledges to engage students, faculty, community and industry in ALL areas of energy education and use.

The Energy Club members facilitate existing student organizations and departmental programs in energy education, research, technology and emerging local and global careers. The club is a formally registered UK student organization with appointed executive members, the club coordinator, faculty advisor, constitution, and bylaws. It is actively seeking members from all strata of the student population and organizing events including:

  • Lecture / Discussion Series
  • Site Tours
  • Social Events
  • Energy Night
  • Energy Conference
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Philanthropic Events

Future clubs will be located in Kentucky's vocational and higher educational institutions.

For more information, please contact Bree McCarney, Energy Club Coordinator.