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Fall Happenings

Matt Simmons

As the autumn of 2007 turned to winter, the CAER continued its 30th anniversary celebrations. We were honored by a Distinguished Lecture by Mr. Matthew Simmons on November 15th. Held to coincide with the CAER advisory board meeting, Mr. Simmons' talk "Is Kentucky Prepared for a Pending Energy Storm?" followed the theme of his international bestselling book, "Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy." He described the modern miracle of what he called the hydrocarbon era and our overuse of our resources. We were satisfied that we brought a newsworthy and timely speaker to the university. Mr. Simmons' PowerPoint, along with a video of his presentation, can be viewed on the CAER web site.

November ended with the Kentucky Energy Tour. The university sponsored, and CAER organized, a three-day trip around the state for our federal legislative staffers to tour and learn about UK's connections to some of the state's commercial energy endeavors. The bus tour included: Owensboro Grain, Charah, Inc. an ash processing plant, Spurlock Power Plant, the LaFarge wallboard plant, and the international catalyst manufacturer, Süd-Chemie. It ended with tours of UK's Bio-engineering and Agriculture Science Department, CAER, and Kentucky Geological Survey.