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Meetings and Special Presentations

Four CAER staff members attended the 2005 Clean Coal and Power conference in Washington, DC. Tom Robl presented a poster on the Ghent Project, which is a Clean Coal Power Initiative Project and has also been selected by the University as a Commonwealth Collaborative Project.

Ari attended the strategic Initiatives for Coal and Power meeting in Queensland, MD.

Outside Interactions

The planning of the Coal Fuel Alliance project with Purdue and SIU as partners reached the point that it was agreed to submit an appropriation request for FY07 of $15M, of which $6.5M is intended for the initial phase of a 20 gallon (1/2 barrel) per day gas to liquid fuels facility at CAER. It will eventually include a "mini refinery" to provide finished fuels for testing. The climate for getting such federal appropriations is very uncertain. The federal relations staff members of the three institutions are involved to promote the project. Even if this appropriation is successful, the federal funding will only flow towards the middle of 2007. In the meantime work is continuing on the initial design and estimates for such a facility.

Discussions were held with four companies in view of potential technical collaboration. The fields of interest covered carbon management and carbon dioxide capture, improving mercury capture techniques, the potential use of carbon nanotubes in specialized textiles and liquids fuels from oil shale. These discussions are in the early stages, but if successful, could lead to significant projects for CAER.

Staff Accolades

Jack Groppo's work has been included in an article from the November/December 2005 issue of Power Magazine. The piece is entitled "Making IGCC Slag Valuable," and is about Charah Inc.'s processing system that separates unburned carbon from IGCC slag. The process is used at Tampa Electric's Polk Station. Jack and other ECT group members performed collaborative research with Charah on this project.

Mark Crocker completed the 2005 Management Development Institute's course at UK.