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November-December, 2003 - VOLUME 2, NUMBER 6

General CAER News

The CAER Advisory Board held their annual meeting on November 5th. The group was informed about progress and issues at CAER and specific attention was given to the path forward regarding the carbon nanotube developments and potential commercialization of the technology. The Board specifically expressed its appreciation to the CAER staff for the continuing research and for the high percentage of successfully submitted project proposals (47% were successful in 2002/03).

Meetings and Special Presentations

The Kentucky Special Subcommittee on Energy met again on November 21st. At that meeting Ari made two presentations: one on coal gasification and the second on the way in which various states are funding their coal related R&D support. The committee then passed a unanimous resolution requesting the new governor's administration to establish an Energy Cabinet for Kentucky in order to have effective coordination of effort in this area.

Three of CAER's staff attended the annual Clean Coal Power Conference in Washington DC. A poster was presented and the CAER exhibition booth was staffed. CAER is being recognized due to the CCPI project at the Ghent power plant. The negotiations to firm up the award for this $9 million project are still underway.