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General CAER News

Ky NSF EPSCoR web logo

  • Center Director Rodney Andrews has been named Director and Track-1 Grant PI of Kentucky NSF EPSCoR program. Following on this announcement, he attended a Project Directors' meeting for NSF EPSCoR in DC May 16 - 17. Offices for NSF EPSCoR have been moved to the Spindletop Administration Bldg.

Ky Energy Club Web Logo

  • Kentucky Energy Club Coordinator Bree McCarney and Regional Energy Coordinator Sarah Mardon attended a Sustainability Round Table meeting in Louisville, where they toured the new 'Green Building' and participated in discussions about sustainability issues in KY. The Green Building is the three-story home to several of Louisville entrepreneur, Gil Holland's businesses. Holland was the keynote speaker of the event.
  • As part of Bree's continuing statewide new Energy Club Chapter recruitment, she met with faculty and students at Morehead State University to discuss the start of the MSU chapter. She also has made several trips to Centre College, including organizing a carnival to help spread the message of the energy club and recruit members. Dr. Matthew Klooster (Dept. of Biology) has agreed to become the Centre College Energy Club chapter faculty advisory.

UK Interactions

Coal in Kentucky graphic

  • 'Coal in Kentucky: A Documentary' has been nominated for an Emmy from the Ohio Valley Regional Emmy Awards - view the list of nominees. The documentary has been receiving positive reviews across political sectors. It has aired on KET multiple times and is being used in classrooms around the state.   The CAER participated in the project both on-screen and off, with technical background information. The documentary was done by the UK Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments.
  • Rodney and Shiela Medina attended the PEIK Board Meeting on May 24th. The two also attended the state Science and Technology Planning meeting at Woodford Reserve June 1st.

Outside Interactions

Slide from PPT show from Jay Apt

  • CAER was honored to host Dr. Jay Apt, Professor of Technology at the Tepper School of Business, and Director of the Carnegie Mellon Energy Center. Dr. Apt presented a seminar on "Wind, solar, and geothermal power research at the Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center."
  • Joseph Biernacki, of Tennessee Tech. University's Dept. of Chemical Engineering visited the CAER, presented a seminar and met with the biofuels group to discuss joint research projects.
  • Drs. Yung-Chul Yoon and Woo of the Korean Institute of Energy Research (KIER) visited Kunlei Liu and Jim Neathery and toured the lab to discuss the potential involvement in the Carbon Management Research Group (CMRG) consortium next year.
  • Sarah Mardon met with members of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce to discuss her regional energy coordinator position and energy issues in western Kentucky. They also discussed plans for Energy Week and Energy Clubs. She met with Brad Schneider (Henderson-Henderson Co. Chamber of Commerce) and Kenny Barkley (Rio Tinto Alcan) to discuss potential research opportunities between Rio Tinto Alcan and the Center for Applied Energy Research. They toured the smelting facilities and learned about their operations at the smelter.
  • Rodney, along with Program Coordinator Courtney Fisk, attended the statewide EPSCoR meeting on May 26th.
  • Eastern Regional Energy Coordinator Greg Copley and Associate Director Shiela Medina toured the Stardust Houseboat Company's building of energy efficient housing in Monticello, Kentucky.

Meetings and Special Presentations

  • Mark Crocker chaired a conference session on "Mobile/Stationary Emissions Control" at the 22nd North American Catalysis Society in Detroit, MI.
  • Greg Copley attended the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable National Environmental Partnership Summit and presented "Biomass Resources and Energy Industry Technologies" in Detroit June 7-9. He also moderated the session, Business Case for Renewable Energy.

Faces of Coal in Kentucky graphic

  • Sarah Mardon attended a FACES of Coal press event at Nolin RECC. The event focused on the importance of coal to the economy and potential regulations regarding fossil fuels.
  • Carbon Materials Associate Director Matt Weisenberger attended the Council on Postsecondary Education & U.S. Armament Research meeting in Frankfort on May 19th.


  • Greg Copley gave a bioenergy presentation at UK's Appalachian Center Growing Local Economys Network meeting in West Liberty.

Teaching and Instruction

  • Tristana Duvallet completed her Ph.D. qualifying exam on May 4th. She is one of several French students who were exchange students at CAER from France's ESERIM program and have returned to UK after their senior project at the CAER to pursue their doctorate.

Alicante Students at UK CAER

  • Two summer scholars from Spain's University of Alicante have arrived. Antoni Forner-Cuenca (left) and Alexei Kramarenko-Logvynenko will perform research in the Carbon Materials Group.

Staff/Student Accolades

Dr. Burt Davis, UK CAER Associate Director in Lexington, KY, USA

  • Congratulations to Dr. Burt Davis, longtime CAER Associate Director for the Clean Fuels and Chemicals Group, and world renowned expert in Fischer-Tropsch catalysis. He has recently been awarded $1.5 million grant from NASA - and has been named to the 2011 American Chemical Society's Fellows Program. The NASA grant, "Relating FTS catalyst properties to performance," is a 3-year proposal that is part of the Subsonic Fixed Wing program. Burt is the principal investigator and point of contact and Gary Jacobs, CFC group researcher, is a co-investigator. The ACS Fellows Program was created by the ACS Board of Directors in December 2008 "to recognize members of ACS for outstanding achievements in and contributions to Science, the Profession, and the Society."

Patent Drawing 7963398

  • Tom Robl and Jack Groppo have received a U.S. Patent (number 7,963,398) on June 21st for "Method for hydraulically separating carbon and classifying coal combustion ash." According to the abstract, the patent describes a "method for selective separation of particles from a particle-containing material includes preparing a slurry of the particle-containing material and a dispersant, passing the slurry through a hydraulic classifier in a first direction, establishing a particle flow in a direction that is different from the first direction, and recovering particles having a mean particle size of about 2-7 .mu.m. The flow of particles defines a cross-current flow relative to the slurry feed direction. The method further includes providing the classifier with an interior divider assembly defining at least one inclined channel. The divider assembly typically includes a plurality of substantially parallel dividers separating the classifier into multiple channels having a substantially equal internal volume. A hydraulic classifier for separating particles having a mean particle size of from about 2-7 .mu.m in accordance with the present method is provided also."