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Conference in the Mile-High City

Reception attendees at WOCA 2011 Conference

The biennial World of Coal Ash Conference was held May 9-12 in Denver, CO. The University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research and the American Coal Ash Association have successfully co-organized this meeting since 2005. The 515 attendees are testament to the success of this long running meeting.

The timely plenary talks by Lisa Bradley (AECOM Environment) - "Is Coal Ash Toxic?"; and Anne Weir (CIRCA) - "World Customs Organization Harmonized System Classification of Coal Ash," spoke to where the industry is at the moment and were both well-received. The two and a half days of talks gave us 144 oral presentations on topics ranging from "Evaluation of FGD-Gypsum to Improve Forage Production and Reduce Phosphorus Losses from Piedmont Soils" to "Identification and Verification of Self-Cementing Fly Ash Binders for "Green" Concrete." Of particular interest this year was the poster session. The 31 posters included 7 from the TVA.

The Exhibitor Hall at the WOCA 2011 Conference

Although the exhibitor hall was a bit of a trek from the meeting rooms, the space was cozy and provided a good ambiance for networking with exhibitors. Annely Noble's (ACAA ) 'passport' idea proved to be a great success. The winners who had their entire passport stamped by all exhibitors and whose names were drawn for the raffle prize were: Mark Bryant and Dustin Six. Both received $250.00 worth of goodies.

Monday night's welcoming reception was an opportunity to see old friends and make new acquaintances. The other 'event' was the Tuesday night reception at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Honestly, we didn't expect a snow-storm in the middle of May! The museum inside the visitor's center and the delicious food made the event worthwhile anyway.

The papers presented are now available for viewing at the Ash Library. Remember the peer-reviewed journal: Coal Combustion and Gasification Products, as it is an excellent refereed journal for the coal combustion by-product industry, in which authors may publish valuable journal articles. If you think your WOCA paper might be rewritten into a refereed journal article, contact editor-in-chief, Dr. Jim Hower.

In the meantime, begin thinking about WOCA 2013 in Lexington, Kentucky, where we promise you the same southern hospitality we have shown over the years.