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Seeing (Science) is Believing

Members of State Energy and Environment Cabinet Spend Day at CAER

ECC Staff Members

To foster communications and a better understanding of the research carried out at the CAER, several groups from the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet toured the lab on June 22nd. The 35 staff members visited several research groups for mini-classes that described investigations and allowed time for Q & A.

The lunch hour included a cook out/picnic and informal poster session for those CAER areas of interest that weren't amenable to the labs (e.g., industrial support, mine mapping, regional-office outreach, and collaborative outcomes with the UK School of Design.)

ECC Staff Members

Representatives from the departments of: Natural Resources, Environmental Protection, Energy Development and Independence, and the Public Service Commission attended. The cabinet's leaders (Secretary Len Peters and Assistant Secretary Hank List) showed their support by attending as well.