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General CAER News

Doug Keaton.

  • Mr. Doug Keaton, whose creative and innovative style of teaching energy at the Russell Area Technology Center have gained the notice of CAER, will be here for three weeks. He plans to observe laboratory techniques for classroom adaptation and help us in technical projects.
  • CAER Director Rodney Andrews and Field Representative Greg Copley met with representatives from Morehead State University to discuss possible cooperative research.
  • The Public Service Commission Chairman, Executive Director, and General Counsel met with Rodney Andrews in June to discuss the state and energy research.
  • Lexington native and MIT undergraduate Lindsay Wilhelmus is working for Steve Lipka's group at CAER this summer. The chemical engineering major is doing electrochemical energy storage work.
  • There was a reception held at the UK Faculty Club for the editorial board of the new refereed journal, Coal Combustion and Gasification Products, organized by CAER. This is the first refereed publication devoted entirely to coal combustion by-products. CAER petrographer Jim Hower is the editor-in-chief.

CCGP Journal Reception held at WOCA 2009, Jim Hower Editor.

UK Interactions

  • CAER researcher and carbon management expert, Jim Neathery was interviewed by UK's President Lee Todd on reducing CO2 emissions from coal-fired power plants for the "UK Perspectives" radio show.
  • Greg worked with the College of Agriculture to plant potential energy crops including sycamore, black locust, willow, cottonwood, gamma grass, switchgrass, and miscanthis in Pike County.

Meetings and Special Presentations

  • Rodney presented an invited seminar at Carnegie Mellon University's Electricity Industry Center on the impacts of carbon capture on the electricity industry.
  • Several Carbon Materials Group researchers presented papers and posters at the 2009 International Carbon Conference in France. The UK has hosted this 500+ attendee conference twice in the past.
  • Greg made a presentation on CAER during an energy session of the National Environmental Partnership Summit. The summit consists of annual meetings of three organizations: the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable, the Performance Track Participants' Association, and the US EPA.

Outside Interactions

  • CAER Power Generation Associate Director, Kunlei Liu held discussions in China and Korea to exchange information on post-combustion CO2 capture and discuss future collaborations on CO2 capture.
  • Rodney and Kunlei traveled to the University of Regina in Canada to discuss carbon management research.
  • Greg gave presentations on CAER activities to the Cumberland Valley Area Development District as well as to the board of directors of the Big Sandy Area Development District meeting in Prestonsburg. He also exhibited at the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program National Conference in Louisville and participated in energy workshop held by KPPC.


  • The fourth grade class of Russell Cave Elementary toured the CAER on June 2nd. The lab has shared a seven year partnership with the school.

Russell Cave 2009 Student Tour at the UK CAER.

Teaching and Instruction

  • Greg met with the energy curriculum coordinator for the Hazard Community Technical College, who is interested in changing a carpentry program into an energy efficient residential building construction program. We are advising the coordinator.

Staff/Student Accolades

  • The Catalysis Group has been recognized by the publishing company, Elsevier, as part of the top 50 highly cited authors for 2004-2008. Of that upper echelon, the CFC group contributed two papers. There was a reception in their honor sponsored by Elsevier during the 21st North American Catalysis Society Meeting in San Francisco.
  • CAER senior researcher BK Parekh has been appointed by the Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, Inc. (SME) to the Strategic Nominating Committee. In that capacity, he will help oversee nominations of qualified professionals to various committees.
  • Longtime CAER catalysis expert, Burt Davis, spent the spring in Oregon researching his former mentor, and well-known scientist Dr. Paul Emmett (the "E" in the "BET" equation). He also made several presentations there. For the complete story, go to OSU's web site.

Dr. Burt Davis speaking at OSU.

Grants and Proposals

  • Catalysis researchers received a grant from Qatar. The CAER research proposal focuses on Gas-To-Liquids (GTL) technology, and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. UK-CAER will carry out the preparation, characterization, and testing of promoted catalysts and Texas A&M Qatar will carry out computer modeling. The principal investigators are Dragomir Bukur (Texas A&M), Burtron H. Davis (UK-CAER), and Gary Jacobs (UK-CAER). UK-CAER will receive ~$100,000 per year for 3 years.