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General CAER News

On May 10, 11 and 15 CAER held a semi-annual Project Portfolio Review meeting. This time it was held as three hour sessions on consecutive days, rather than one entire day. This format worked very well, leaving adequate time for discussion. New research topics were highlighted and synergies between research areas were strengthened. Some of the CAER Faculty Associates also attended.

Early in June CAER received the members of the panel who conducted the five-year review of CAER and the director. The team was comprised of Anne Gaffney (chair), Frank Burke and Shiela Medina as external members and from UK Mark Meier, Lindell Ormsbee and Larry Turner participated. The panel will present its findings to UK's executive vice president for research in the near future.

Meetings and Special Presentations

During the week of May 16 Ari presented as an invited speaker at the Executive Session of the World Gas to Liquids Conference in London and on May 20 he made presentations and had technical discussions on Fischer Tropsch technology at a large European company, which is considering doing research at CAER. The discussions went well and it is expected that we will start doing work for them during August.

The director attended a meeting of the Gasification Technologies Council in upstate New York and also presented an invited lecture on coal-to-liquids technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The material presented, will be considered for a report entitled "The Future of Coal in a Greenhouse Constrained World," which the Laboratory for Energy and the Environment at MIT is preparing.

Mark Crocker attended the 8th CLEERS (cross-cut lean exhaust emissions reduction simulations) meeting in Dearborn, MI, May 17-19.

Outside Interactions

A follow-up meeting was held with the American Coal Ash Association to start planning the next "World of Coal Ash" conference, which is to be held in 2007. Agreement was reached to again present a joint conference with ACAA and CAER co-leading the arrangements. The venue and dates will be decided in the near future.

G. Jacobs, P. Patterson and Y. Ji traveled to Upton, NY to do EXAFS work at Brookhaven National lab.

Proposals and Awards

Mark Crocker received a KSEF R&D Excellence Award ($50K) for "Development of Novel COS Adsorbents and Hydrolsyis Catalysts for Clean Hydrogen Production".

S. Lambert attended a 3 day ChemStations workshop in Dayton, OH, May 16-19.


The CAER was visited by the fourth grade students from Russell Cave Elementary School. This is an end of year celebration, which includes a picnic lunch on the lawn.