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May-June, 2002
CAER Researchers Obtain New Grants
CAER has been awarded two new projects. The first is entitled "Premium Fuel Production from Mining and Timber Waste Using Advanced Separation and Pelletizing Technologies" and was awarded to the Kentucky Division of Energy by the US Department of Energy. These types of Office of Industrial Technologies, OIT" awards from the DoE are administered by the state. Darrell Taulbee and BK Parekh from the CAER will be co-investigators on this $670,500 two-year project, along with Rick Honaker and Daniel Tao from UK's Department of Mining Engineering. The goal is to develop a premium fuel from the waste materials created from the production of coal and lumber.

Also, the CAER was awarded $70,000 from the Consortium for Premium Carbon Products from Coal (CPCPC) for a joint project between the lab's Carbon Materials and ECT groups to assess the use of recovered carbon from PCC and IGCC power plants as potentially marketable value-added carbon materials. CAER is supplying $60,000 in cost-share and Charah Environmental (link to their website) is providing $10,000 to make the total value of the project $140,000.