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General CAER News

  • CAER and UK's Environmental Health and Safety personnel, hosted a NIOSH representative who gave an on-site seminar on nano-materials health & safety, along with air sampling for particles during carbon nanotube synthesis and handling.
  • Director Rodney Andrews, Assoc. Director Shiela Medina, and UK's Development's Bleik Pickett hosted an event for assorted stakeholders at Keeneland Racetrack.

UK CAER Lab #2 - Renewable Energy Building

  • Turner Construction Company, a general contractor firm based in Lexington, was recognized for its construction management involvement with CAER's Renewable Energy Research Building. The construction of the new 43,000 square foot, high-performance laboratory is lowering operation costs of CAER, while increasing education about the numerous energy technologies implemented in the building.

UK Connections

  • Several staff members participated in Prof. Gary Rohrbacher's studio final review at the College of Design regarding the study of the Farnsworth House from an energy standpoint. Around 10 CoD students were involved, along with five CoD faculty members/invited reviewers

Meetings and Special Presentations

  • Rodney gave an invited talk at the 2013 Kentucky Workshop on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RE3), University of Louisville.
  • Rodney also discussed change in the energy landscape to a group at Gray Construction's Risk Management Seminar in Lexington.

Outside Interactions

ORNL logo

  • Carbon Materials Associate Director Matt Weisenberger attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony of ORNL's Carbon Fiber Technology Center in Oak Ridge, TN.
  • Regional Coordinators Sarah Mardon and Greg Copley hosted the Ky Biomass Industry Strategy Group Meeting at CAER. They also attended the KY Forest Industry Association Annual Meeting in Fayette County.
  • Biofuels Associate Director Mark Crocker and representatives of Duke Energy discussed the East Bend power plant algae demonstration project.
  • Researcher Gary Jacobs served as a judge for a poster competition at the 2013 Natural Gas Conversion Symposium in Doha, Qatar.
  • As part of an EKU Energy Club activity, Sarah Mardon toured a hydroelectric plant on Dix River. David Brown Kinloch gave the tour. Dr. Bruce Pratt EKU Craft Center also attended.
  • Greg Copley exhibited at the KY Association of Economic Development spring conference in Frankfort.
  • Petrologist Jim Hower gave a tour of CAER and the Ghent and Tremble Power plants to three Russian visitors from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute.
  • As the American Carbon Society's Secretary-Treasurer, Matt Weisenberger attended and participated in the joint Executive and Advisory Board Committees of the American Carbon Society in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Also, Matt Weisenberger, Ashley Morris, John Craddock, Terry Rantell visited the Rio Tinto Alcan primary aluminum smelter in Sebree, KY. Sarah Mardon facilitated the meeting at Sebree. They met with Chuck Coney, Bill Morgan, and other Sebree engineers - where they did on-site thermal testing for potential sources of waste heat recovery.


  • Several researchers participated in a visit of around 10 students from different universities to CAER as part of the BAE Midwest regional rally.
  • Liz Harman-Ware and J. Mobley Assisted Dr. Jack Selegue (U.K. Dept. of Chemistry) with science demos for kids at Liberty Elementary during their science fair.

  • Sarah Judged science entries for the CEDAR West Coal Fair in Hopkins County.

Teaching and Instruction

  • Rodney lectured to the UK STEAM class from the Gatton Business School.
  • CAER supported, and Rodney was on the committee for chemistry Ph.D. student Aman P. Kaur. He recently presented his defense successfully before the committee. Rodney attended the defense of Mahendra Sreeramoju, also from chemistry.
  • Marsha Grimminger, of the Electrochemistry Group, designed questions related to a science challenge geared toward high school chemistry students for Bluegrass Community and Technical College's Regional Science Olympiad. The students were not told of the specific topic before the event. The 18 students collected data through experimentation and compared results.

Our People Accolades

Dr. Burtron H. Davis, University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research

  • Dr. Burtron H. Davis of University of Kentucky has been selected as the recipient of the 2013 Distinguished Researcher Award in Petroleum Chemistry from the ACS Energy and Fuels Division
  • Congratulations to Rachel Hatch, M.S. candidate, who was just awarded a $2,000 graduate student grant from the Geological Society of America for her proposal entitled: "Effects of petroleum hydrocarbon exposure following the Deepwater Horizon spill on tidal marsh sedimentary and biological processes: An investigation using radioisotopes and benthic foraminifera." Rachel worked in the petrology lab for two years as an undergraduate.
  • Congratulations to CAER graduate student Liz Ware-Harmon. She won first prize for a student poster at the 2013 Workshop on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Louisville. It was hosted by the Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research at the University of Louisville. The paper was titled,"Pyrolysis-GC/MS Characterization of Bioenergy Crops," and was co-authored with Mark Crocker and Seth Debolt. CAER researcher Robert Pace also presented a poster titled, "Qualitative Evaluation of Biomass Solubility Trends Among Dialkyl Imidazolium Chloride Ionic Liquids: A Microscopy Based Approach." It was co-authored by Mark Crocker, Samuel A. Morton III, Andrew J. Placido, Andrew R. Sharits (There were no awards given in the professional category.) The University of Kentucky helped to support this meeting.
  • Marsha Grimminger presented research in a 45 minute presentation at the Intelligence Community (IC) Postdoctoral Fellowship Annual Colloquium at the US Institute of Peach in Washington, DC.

Media Interactions

Dr. John Anthony, University of Kentucky

  • A UKNOW Story about training the next generation of highly skilled professors and industrial scientists included UK Chemistry Professor John Anthony. He joined other academics across the country who made videos for Science Works for U.S., a website of the Association of American Universities, the Science Coalition, and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities. More about the story can be found at UK Now Site - UK Researchers Speak Out: Sequester Will Squelch Scientists-in-Training. Dr. Anthony's solar group laboratories are housed in the UK CAER Renewables Building.