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Biofuels-to-Energy Short Course Held in Eastern Kentucky

Biomass Short Course

What is the bio-refinery concept? Do the economics of biomass use make sense? Could we co-briquette biomass and coal-waste fines to create a cheap fuel?

These and other topics were tackled in West Liberty, Kentucky on April 14th at a CAER-organized one-day short course, which was intended to provide broad introduction to biomass utilization for energy. The short-course chair was Mark Crocker, head of the CAER's Biofuels and Environmental Catalysis Group. In addition to the Center's experts, Dr. Crocker brought in authorities from UK's Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering, the USDA, the State Environmental and Energy Cabinet, and Moore Ventures.

The 60+ attendees, who mostly came from the eastern part of the state, enjoyed a day-long investigation into using an indigenous state resource as part of the future energy mix. The short course was held at the CAER's eastern Kentucky regional office located in West Liberty's regional enterprise center.

A highlight was the small, algae photo-bioreactor, brought from the CAER to illustrate how algae can be used for carbon dioxide clean-up and to create biomass.

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