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General CAER News

  • Argonne National Laboratory and Governor Beshear's Office held a joint press conference to announce a new battery research center in Lexington. (See details in this month's feature story.)
  • Rodney Andrews, Mark Crocker, and Sam Morton traveled to Ohio University to discuss biofuels research.
  • The CAER Advisory Board met April 14-15th. (See details in this month's feature story.)

UK Interactions

Darrell Taulbee being videotaped.

  • A video crew from UK's Visualization and Virtual Environments group spent several hours at the CAER on April 10th filming researchers in labs as part of an overall video on energy research at UK.
  • The lab's ash research group, led by Bob Rathbone and Jack Groppo, worked with a class of UK College of Design students to build tables and tiles, 96% of which was composed of fly ash. The products were displayed at the World of Coal Ash Conference, as well as a show entitled "Energy in Design" at a local gallery.

Fly Ash Furniture by UK Students.

Meetings and Special Presentations

  • On March 25th Don Challman and Rodney Andrews attended the CO2 pipeline meeting in Indianapolis to discuss a potential Illinois Basin CO2 pipeline network.
  • Rodney presented on biomass energy opportunities at the Forest Industries Conference in Lexington.
  • Don was invited to make a presentation before the state's Environmental Quality Commission about the prospects of renewable energy in Kentucky.
  • Rodney Andrews, Mark Meier, and Tom Robl presented on National Institute of Hometown Security research projects to the Dept. of Homeland Security staff.
  • Jim Neathery, Sam Morton, and Rodney Andrews attended the Cooperative Research Network meeting in Arlington, VA. Rodney presented on the algae program and Jim presented on the CAER's CO2 capture consortium.

Outside Interactions

  • A press conference was held on April 27th at the CAER to announce the new Carbon Management Research Consortium. (See details in this month's feature story.)
  • Don Challman attended the membership meeting and a University-Federal Dialogue conference sponsored by the Council of Energy Research and Education Leaders, of which CAER is an institutional member.
  • Rodney Andrews, Tom Robl, and Brock Marrs attended the Kentucky Highlands Investment Corp. Energy Forum in Somerset, where Rodney spoke about CAER research.
  • Members of the local Sierra Club visited the CAER to discuss new technologies for using coal.
  • Rodney made a presentation on CO2 capture technologies at Carnegie Mellon University's Electricity Industry Center.
  • A group at Tech2020 in Oak Ridge, TN held talks with the CAER staff on mutual research topics.


  • Shiela Medina and Rodney Andrews met with faculty of Madisonville Community College to discuss energy education collaborations.
  • The CAER exhibited at the annual Coal Prep Conference in Lexington April 28th - 30th.

Teaching and Instruction

  • Daniel Bortz successful master's degree defense took place on April 23rd. Rodney is his advisor.
  • Mauro C. Ribeiro successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation at Instituto de Quimica, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil. His PhD work was performed in large part here at the Center and he was mentored by Burt Davis, Gary Jacobs, and Wenping Ma.

Staff/Student Accolades

Arsenic Book Edited by Kevin Henke.

  • Kevin R. Henke recently had a book published by respected scientific book publisher, Wiley Publishing. Wiley's scientific publishing serves the world's research and scholarly communities, and is the largest publisher for professional and scholarly societies. Kevin's book is titled, "Arsenic -- Environmental Chemistry, Health Threats and Waste Treatment." He edited, authored, or co-authored most of the book's chapters.
  • CAER carbon researcher David Jacques and Rodney Andrews were awarded a patent on March 17th titled "Continuous Production of Aligned Carbon Nanotubes."
  • Jim Hower was named to the editorial advisory board of Energy Exploration and Exploitation.
  • Steve Lipka's alternative energy research is featured in the Winter 2009 issue of Odyssey Magazine.