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Tours Available!

Throughout the years hundreds of tours have taken place at CAER. They have ranged from high-level international groups to our annual Russell Cave Elementary end-of-year school tour. The one constant I have observed is how impressed the individuals on the tours are with the researchers' work. While the specific research has changed over time, our enthusiasm and work ethic have not. Whether general observers or like-minded scientists, the tour group participants pick up on the sincerity and accomplishments of the lab's scientists.

During April we were fortunate to have some very special groups come through . . .

University of Kentucky President Lee Todd toured CAER on April 9th and spoke with staff about the CAER's place within the university. Dr. Todd learned about nanotechnology, Fischer-Tropsch liquefaction, biomass research, and power plant emissions reduction work at the Center. Afterwards, he spoke to CAER staff regarding the university's quest to be a top 20 research institute, including energy's unique way of helping in that objective.

Tours at CAER during March-April 2007

On April 26th, a group of state legislators, along with several members of the state's Legislative Research Commission learned about Kentucky's energy resources and what the CAER does to explore and use them. After presentations, the group toured the coal-to-liquids; ash; biofuels; emissions; and carbon materials sections of the lab.

Both small and large groups are welcome in the lab anytime. We are always happy to show our work. We believe that it is incumbent upon a research organization to share information with its stakeholders. If you are interested in learning more about CAER through a tour, contact Marybeth McAlister - Email.