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E.On Gives CAER $1.5 Million for Carbon Management Research

2006 EON Press Conference

University President, Lee Todd and CAER Director, Ari Geertsema

On a recent sunny, spring day in Louisville, Kentucky representatives from the University of Kentucky and E.On US gathered for a press conference to announce a unique partnership. Over the next three years E.On will fund $1.5 Million to the UK Center for Applied Energy Research. The purpose of the project is to find ways to decrease carbon dioxide from the flue-gases of coal burning power plants.

The three specific projects will address: Optimizing Heat in a CO2 Scrubber; Chemical Looping Combustion/Gasification for Solid Fuels; and Power Plant Process Simulation and Optimization of CO2 Capture Technologies. The Principal Investigator is Dr. Kunlei Liu, with Dr. Darrell Taulbee as Co-Principal Investigator.

Of this work, Director Ari Geertsema says, "We shall now be able to start work in the very relevant area of what is broadly called "Carbon Management." Initially we will work on more efficient ways to collect carbon dioxide from power station stacks in order to be prepared when the opportunity for sequestering the CO2 might occur in the future. Furthermore, we will develop novel ways of reducing CO2 emissions during combustion, and we plan to do sophisticated computer modeling to determine ways of improving the amount of power generated from a given amount of coal. We will establish appropriate testing and pilot facilities, including units which can be taken to do real life testing at power stations and in doing so, we will be able to provide much needed training to students in the field of coal utilization technology. As we progress and develop greater skills, we will introduce additional topics to grow this venture and to increase the industrial impact of our work."

2006 EON Press Conference

(from left) Kunlei Liu, Ari Geertsema, Darrell Taulbee

This funding illustrates the utility's faith in CAER's ability to deliver measurable solutions that will positively impact E.On's performance. Secondly, this research will provide answers on ways to improve our environment. Thirdly, part of the responsibility of the university is to play a relevant role to the state's people and industries. We believe that the CAER fulfills all of these missions. E.On's generosity will enable us to prove our worth, not only to the university, but to the state's tax payers.