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General CAER News

The five-year review self-assessment document for CAER was completed and is ready for distribution to the review team. The actual review is likely to take place on June 6th and 7th.

A very productive semi-annual meeting of the CAER Advisory Board meeting was held. Time was set aside to prepare the Board's comments on the CAER Self Study Report which will be fully reviewed by the Five-Year Review Panel early in June.


Ari attended a two-day meeting in Pittsburgh during which the DOE Fossil Energy research portfolio was discussed with members of the Coal Utilization Research Council's Technical Committee. Based on these discussions, further planning will be done to integrate the objectives of the two organizations into a common Roadmap.

There is an interest in establishing a Kentucky-based coal processing facility to produce Fischer-Tropsch derived jet fuels for military purposes. A discussion with representatives of the Southern States Energy Board, as well as, local officials was hosted at CAER on March 29.

Meetings and Special Presentations

The World of Coal Ash was held in Lexington on April 11-15. Please see this issue's feature story for details.

B. Davis served as co-chair for the International Symposium on Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts and Catalysis.

Several CAER staff members attended and exhibited at the Clearwater Coal Conference and Ari also attended the DOE Wye River Coal discussion group meeting in Maryland.

UK Interactions

In response to an opportunity to submit proposals for funding in the context of Homeland Security, six pre-proposals were submitted by CAER staff. These covered research which could be done in three of our main fields of activity.

State Partnerships Program award ($50,000) with Oak Ridge National Lab. "Novel catalytic approaches for bio-crude upgrading" P.I.'s: M. Crocker, C. Crofcheck (UK Biosystems & Agricultural Eng.) J. M. Storey (ORNL).