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WOCA Held in Lexington

The World of Coal Ash was held in Lexington on April 11-15. This event combined the previous International Coal Ash Utilization Symposia of CAER and The American Coal Ash Association's biennial conferences, and was a great success. CAER staff did most of the symposium organization and led the technical program. There were over 200 presentations, 40 exhibits, and 17 sponsors. Approximately 560 attendees from 22 countries contributed to the success and discussions have begun to consider a similar event in 2007.

Conference Co-chairs were David Goss, Director, ACAA; and Ari Geertsema, Director, CAER. Keynote speakers were Kristine Krause, Vice President Environmental of Wisconsin Energy Corporation and Ian Boxall, General Manager of Blue Circle Ash and Chairman of Ash Development Association of Australia.

WOCA 2005 Conference Keynote Speakers

WOCA 2005 Conference Speaker

Incorporated into the conference were the U.S. Office of Surface Mining's Interactive Forum and the U.S. Department of Energy's Conference on Unburned Carbon.

WOCA 2005 Conference C2P2 Awards

Additionally, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's C2P2 Awards were presented. CAER scientists held several integral positions. Tom Robl organized a short course on the science of ash utilization. Darrell Taulbee served as Chairman of the Barton A. Thomas Award Committee for best oral presentation. Jim Hower served as both the Chairman of the WOCA Poster Award Committee and as the Chairman of the WOCA Technical Program Committee.

WOCA 2005 Conference Speaker

WOCA 2005 Conference Reception