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March-April, 2004 - VOLUME 3, NUMBER 2

CAER Advisory Board Meeting

Advisory Board Members in Action Bernie Lee and David Gray Advisory Board Members in Discussion

For the first time, the CAER Advisory Board met for a second time within a six-month period. The purpose for this 'extra' meeting was to provide the time necessary for the board members to specifically address strategic issues of the Center. This planning session was made even more productive by the participation of Dr. Wendy Baldwin, UK's Executive Vice President for Research. The day-long meeting enabled board members to offer input into future research, state and federal legislative directions, and trends among benchmark universities.

Photo of the Advisory Board in April, 2004

(Front row, left to right): David E. Boswell, Kentucky State Senator; Richard Sweigard, Dept. of Mining Engr., UK; Tom Robl, UK CAER; Bernard Lee, Institute of Gas Technology, retired; David Drake, East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Inc.; Pat Doolin, Marathon Ashland Petroleum; Timothy Golden, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Boyd Haley, Dept. of Chemistry, UK

(Second row, left to right): Robert Addington, EnviRes LLC; Don Challman, UK CAER; Jim Cobb, Kentucky Geological Survey; David Gray, Mitretek Systems; Burt Davis, UK CAER; John Larsen, Dept. of Chemistry, The Pennsylvania State University; Mark Crocker, UK CAER, Bill Caylor, Kentucky Coal Association; Carl Bauer (Advisor), National Energy Technology Laboratory; Ari Geertsema, UK CAER; Paul Thompson, LG&E Energy; Frank Burke, Consol Energy, Inc.

Not Pictured: William B. Sturgill, East Kentucky Investment Co., Inc.; Rocky Adkins, Kentucky State Representative; Barbara Knutson, Dept. of Chemical and Materials Engr., UK.