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March - April, 2002 / VOLUME 1, NUMBER 2

Meetings & Special Presentations

Discussions continued among East Kentucky Power Cooperative, UK Agricultural Engineering and CAER regarding the co-firing of grass for power generation. The pre-feasibility assessment will be ready as soon as cost estimates from engineering firms have been obtained.

Ari made a presentation to the American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE) student chapter at the UK Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering. This was a good opportunity to familiarize undergraduates with CAER and energy issues. It was also an occasion to alert them to the upcoming Fuel Science elective course, which the CAER plans to present next spring.

On April 26 Ari made an invited presentation to the Kentucky Geological Survey 42nd Annual Seminar entitled "Coal Research: Why and What."

Jim Hower was a co-chairperson of the Applied Coal Geology session at the Geological Society of America North-Central and Southeastern Sections Joint Meeting in Lexington. The CAER exhibited at the meeting.


Discussions were held with Annette Du Pont-Ewing, Executive Director of the Governor's Energy Policy Advisory Board in view of the planned drafting of an Energy Policy for Kentucky. CAER offered to co-ordinate various inputs from UK's perspective. The possibility of a related Energy Policy Summit later this year to also serve as an opportunity to celebrate CAER's silver jubilee was discussed. Both of these ideas will be further developed in the near future.

Recruitment of four senior scientists/engineers has commenced with advertisements being placed in appropriate trade publications and web sites. Filling these positions is seen as a key component in growing CAER's scientific outputs and its ability to draw externally funded projects.

Although CAER was not successful in obtaining Department of Defense support for a project proposed for the continuous production of nanotubes, it was decided to proceed with this program with internal funding. A Pilot Plant will be installed to be operational towards the end of 2002 and the old compressor area will be refurbished to accommodate the new facility.

Bob Bradley Brian McEnaney

The CAER recently hosted two distinguished researchers from the United Kingdom. Bob Bradley (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland) and Brian McEnaney (University of Bath, Bath, England) assisted CAER with strategy planning in the area of carbon materials.

CAER News (cont.)

In the area of public relations and publications, the CAER recently produced a brochure called "CAER 2002," which will be CAER's main printed publication. The typical facts and figures that are traditionally found in an Annual Report are absent from the printed material, but can be found in the CAER's database located on the web site: In the realm of cyberspace, this newsletter -- Real Time -- replaces the former Bimonthly report.

The CAER exhibited at "Coal Prep 2002" Lexington, Kentucky, April 28-30. Several CAER scientists were in attendance. The lab also exhibited at the Pittcon Meeting in New Orleans.


Ari Geerstema chaired and co-chaired various sessions in the Natural Gas Utilization sessions of the AIChE Conference in New Orleans.

Tom Robl attended the DOE Workshop on Mercury Control - The Effects on by-Products on March 19 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Jack Groppo attended a course sponsored by the University of Wisconsin entitled "Dryer Technology" in Madison, Wisconsin, on April 8-9.

Bob Rathbone attended a meeting sponsored by the
U. S. Department of Energy entitled "PM2.5 and Electric Power Generation: Recent Findings and Implications" in Pittsburgh, PA on April 9-10.

Jim Hower attended the meeting entitled "Coal Combustion By-Products and Western Coal Mines: a Technical Interactive Forum" on April 16-18 in Golden, Colorado. Hower has been appointed to membership on the Advisory Scientific Board of Geologica Acta.

Outside Organization Interactions

Written testimony was submitted to both the House and Senate Appropriations Committees regarding the request to strengthen the roposed U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) budget in the areas of high efficiency transportation fuels and for the recovery of fuel and adsorbent carbons from ponds and landfills.


Plans for an educational outreach program between the CAER and Russell Cave Elementary School have begun. Beginning next fall, scientists will perform experiments at the school that accompany the fourth-grade curriculum. It is hoped that this endeavor will spark an early interest in science for the children.