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CAER Part of U.S. - China Energy Research Consortium

The U.S. Dept. of Energy Secretary Steven Chu recently announced that two consortia will receive $25M over the next five years under the U.S. - China Clean Energy Research Center (CERC). One group is led by West Virginia University (of which the CAER is a participant) and the other by the University of Michigan. The funding will be matched by the grantees to provide $50M in U.S. funding, with combined funding from both countries totaling $100M.

Don Challman and Kunlei Liu of the UK CAER
Don Challman (left) and Kunlei Liu (right)

The Center's consortia will focus on the next generation of clean coal technologies, including carbon capture and storage. The other group will research clean vehicles.

Kunlei Liu, Associate Director for Power Generation and Utility Fuels, and Don Challman, Associate Director for Administration, were the leaders in drafting the CAER's portion of the proposal.

Liu says "The consortium is intended to develop and commercialize the full range of carbon management technologies for coal-fired electric power, from technologies for capturing carbon dioxide emissions at the plant to technologies for permanently disposing CO2 through deep geological sequestration. At UK, our work will concentrate on the capture side - on the development of large industrial processes that can be retrofitted to existing coal-fired power plants for CO2 capture. Our goal is to reduce the overall costs of CO2 capture, which at present are prohibitive and would lead to large increases in consumer electricity costs."

Other members in the West Virginia Group include: University of Wyoming, Indiana University, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, National Energy Technology Laboratory, World Resources Institute, U.S.-China Clean Energy Forum, General Electric, Duke Energy, LP Amina, Babcock & Wilcox and American Electric Power. The consortium will develop and test new technologies for carbon capture and sequestration.

Chinese partners will be announced in the coming months by the Chinese government.

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