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General CAER News

  • Rodney Andrews, Kunlei Liu, Mark Crocker and Sam Morton (CAER) and Mike Montross, Czar Crofcheck, Sam Morton, Dean Harvey, Scott Smith (College of Ag) met with Robert Sullivan of CEMEX in Houston, TX to discuss involvement with algae development.

UK Interactions

  • Bob Jewell, Bob Rathbone and Jack Groppo of CAER's coal combustion byproducts (CCB) group met with Rives Rash of UK's School of Design to discuss incorporating CCBs into an architecture course he is teaching.

Outside Interactions

  • Mark Verbrugge, of GM Research, visited the new battery center site and held discussions with Electrochemistry Associate Director, Steve Lipka at CAER.

Meetings and Special Presentations

  • On August 16th Rodney spoke to the Southern Legislative Conference in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on the future of coal. This was followed by another presentation by Rodney to the Shelbyville Rotary Club on August 18th.
  • Gary Jacobs presented a paper entitled, "Catalysis for fuels research using in-situ spectroscopic techniques" at a Computational Chemistry Meeting at CAER on August 25th.
  • Rodney spoke at the Economic Success Through Diversity Summit on "New Energy Economy for KY" in Lexington on August 27th.

Teaching and Instruction

  • Mark Crocker Gave two seminars at the University of Caen, France entitled, "Upgrading of Vegetable and Algae Oils to Hydrocarbon Distillates" and "Effect of ceria on the storage and regeneration behavior of lean NOx traps."

Mark Crocker

Staff/Student Accolades

  • Will Stevens, a UK student working at the CAER, won the best student poster award at the World of Coal Ash meeting for a poster presentation titled "The Cementitious and Pozzolanic Properties of Fluidized Bed Combustion Fly Ash." Co-authors were Thomas Robl and Kamyar Mahboub.

Will Stevens, 2009 WOCA Student Poster Award Winner

  • Mark Crocker gave keynote address at the XVIII Materials Research Society International Meeting in Cancun, Mexico.

Grants and Proposals

  • The National Science Foundation has awarded several UK entities $1,984,322 through its EFRI (Office of Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation) program. Project investigators include: Rodney Andrews, Mark Crocker, Samuel Morton (CAER), Mark Meier (Chemistry), Seth DeBolt (Horticulture), and Mike Montross (Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering). (See this issue's feature story for more details.)