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Good Things Come in Threes: A Trio of Important Happenings at CAER

New Energy Extension Agents Expand Energy Outreach to the State

John Dunaway and Greg Copley
John Dunaway and Greg Copley

John Dunaway and Greg Copley were recently hired by the CAER to extend its reach to the western and eastern parts of the Commonwealth. John will be located in Henderson, while Greg maintains the West Liberty office. The goal of this endeavor is to assist local governments and industry in the development of energy projects by introducing them to the capabilities of the CAER as well as the University as a whole.

John has been very active in the development of an Energy Board for the western Kentucky counties of Henderson, Webster and Union. The goal of the Board is to develop an implementation plan that positions the tri-county area for the development of energy projects. Prior to these activities John was CEO of Sanderfur Industries, a local Humane Society and a local Hospice organization. He has a Bachelor of Arts and a Doctorate of Ministry degree and started and served several churches in his career as a minister.

Greg has nearly 30 years of experience dealing with environmental issues including air pollution, hazardous material spills, asbestos abatement and compliance assistance to small businesses. Most recently he served as director of the nationally recognized Kentucky Business Environmental Assistance Program (KBEAP). In that capacity he assisted Kentucky's small businesses in meeting environmental obligations. Prior to KBEAP, Greg worked in the Kentucky Division for Air Quality as an inspector, responded to hazardous material spills, asbestos abatement coordinator and program planning supervisor. He has a B.S. in Biology and an MBA.

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CAER Receives $1.4 Million in CTL Funding

Hal Rogers, Lee Todd, Geoff Davis

On August 15, Congressmen Hal Rogers and Geoff Davis announced more than $1.426 million in federal funding to support research at the CAER to advance ongoing research into the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) method of converting coal into liquid fuels by allowing the center to build a mini-refinery. The state also contributed more than $300K toward this project. Kentucky Secretary of Energy Leonard Peters and UK President Lee Todd joined the U.S. representatives for a press conference on August 15th, announcing these commitments to energy research.


Biofuels Short Course

UK CAER Biofuels Short Course

The Center's first Biomass-to-Biofuels Short Course was held August 14-15th with positive feedback. Nearly 90 participants attended from industry, government, and academia. In addition to presenters from the CAER, UK was also represented by the Departments of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering and the Department of Agricultural Economics. Mark Lyons of Alltech also made a presentation. A sampling of the sessions included: The Biorefinery Concept; Bio-ethanol and Biodiesel Basics; New Feedstock Opportunities; and the Economics of Biomass Utilization.