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July-August, 2004 - VOLUME 3, NUMBER 4

General CAER News

CAER hosted the Secretary of Environmental and Public Protection for a visit and discussions at CAER. There is an ongoing action to align more closely between the traditional CAER activities and work done on bio-material, especially in the college of Agriculture. Further discussions were attended in Frankfort regarding the re-activation of the Kentucky Coal Council. The role of the Kentucky Energy and Environment Consortium was also considered. It is expected that a new organizational structure for these activities will be finalized soon.

With the current very high prices of metallurgical coke, due to the drastic reduction in exports from China, there is renewed interest in this material. Initial tests were performed to assess the suitability of coke from local coal for particular clients.

Outside Organization Interactions

Corporate Logos of Interactions Group

On July 14, Tom Robl, Jack Groppo, Bob Rathbone, Don Challman, and Ari Geertsema of the CAER met at the CAER with Mike McCabe and Steve Bryan of Cemex, and Caryl Pfeiffer and Kenny Tapp of Louisville Gas and Electric, to discuss the U. S. Dept. of Energy project entitled "Advanced Multi-Product Coal Utilization By-Product Processing Plant". Additional personnel participated via conference call from the U. S. Department of Energy, the University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Louisville Gas and Electric Energy, and Cemex.

Meetings and Special Presentations

Carbon 04 Logo

The CAER was well represented at Carbon 2004, held in Providence, Rhode Island at Brown University July 11-16. This international carbon conference was organized by the American Carbon Society. Annual meetings rotate among Europe, Asia, and the U.S. It was held at the University of Kentucky and organized by CAER the last time it was held in the U.S. in 2001.

Meetings and Special Presentations (cont.)

2004 Porous Carbons Workshop Logo

The CAER hosted the "2004 Porous Carbons Workshop," Porous Carbons in Energy Applications," July 7-9, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Lexington. The meeting was held immediately prior to the international carbon conference. The keynote speaker was Mr. Llewellyn King of the King Publishing Group, who spoke on domestic and global energy issues including energy policy and security. This is the sixth carbon workshop that the CAER has sponsored since 1991 with attendance by leading national and international carbon researchers.

An invitation-only conference called "Coal 2020: Burning Questions" is being planned as part of the power company, Cinergy's 10th Anniversary. The event will be presented as a joint conference with UK and Cinergy as the organizers. CAER is active in the team-making and other background the arrangements.

World of Coal Ash Logo

The arrangements for the "World of Coal Ash" international symposium to be held in Lexington in April 2005, and which is organized by CAER and the American Coal Ash Association, are progressing very well. The response for abstracts was overwhelming and significant financial commitment was already obtained from sponsors and exhibitors.

Staff Accolades

Rodney Andrews was elected to the Advisory Committee for the American Carbon Society.

Burt Davis co-chaired a session at the 228th ACS National Meeting entitled "History of Petroleum," August 22-26.

Burt Davis and Jim Neathery received a patent for their invention "Bubble column apparatus for separating wax from catalyst slurry" U.S. Patent 6,762,209, July 13, 2004.