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July-August, 2002
New On-Line Library from the CAER

Coal combustion byproducts (CCBs) must be used rather than landfilled. Our planet can not support the space needed to landfill all, or even a significant part of, our wastes. In order to learn to use CCBs more efficiently and effectively, research results must be disseminated in a way that makes them readily available to everyone in the field - industry, academia, and government. Information leads to innovation in industry, but it also leads to questions and ideas that can be answered only with further research.

To partially fulfill this need, the CAER has a unique new "Ash Library" on our web site ( As a forum for gathering and disseminating information, the CAER's International Ash Utilization Symposia series has biennially brought together experts from around the world. The papers at this website were presented at that symposia series. They are papers from the 1999 and 2001 symposia for which authors have given permission to place them on this website.

This site is groundbreaking because it:
  • consists of FREE full-text scientific papers;
  • is organized to facilitate all types of fly ash information (i.e., more can be added, in addition to symposium papers); and
  • is fully dedicated to JUST the CCBs' topical area.