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Math DOES Count


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The second CAER MathCounts event took place on the evening of Friday, March 22. The fun-filled evening, staffed by CAER outreach staff, researchers, and volunteers was jam packed with a variety of STEM-centric activities and games all geared toward MathCount Math-letes. STEM stands for 'Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education.

Student creating spagetti tower during MathCounts

The students were from middle schools across Kentucky, in town for the state competition the following morning. Students, parents, and teachers arrived on charter buses ready to try their hands at building the tallest spaghetti tower, the best K'NEX ping-pong launcher, and most bouncy balloon.

They crafted mini-gondolas to race down homemade zip lines, and took a turn at designing paper airplanes to fly across the CAER atrium - aiming for targets.

Flying paper airplanes during MathCounts

The newest addition to the event was the Biofuels Obstacle Course, designed by the researchers in the renewable fuels buildings, which challenged the visitors to make creative decisions regarding fuel generation and consumption in order to reach the finish line. The researchers participated as team leaders, wearing bright blue hardhats and encouraging the kids to look at biomass vs. fossil fuel energy choices

Biofuels Race during MathCounts

At the end of the evening, CAER staff handed out ice cream to the excited visitors, and watched as the departing buses drove off.

Goodbye MathCounts, we will see you next time.