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General CAER News

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray touring UK CAER Labs

  • Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, along with adviser Scott Shapiro, and CAER Advisory Board President, David Drake visited the laboratories to learn about some of our more 'applied' and nearly-commercial work.
  • CAER Regional Energy Agents, Greg Copley and Sarah Mardon, along with Energy Club Coordinator Bree McCarney attended KY Energy & Innovation Roundtable Dinner, speaker Bill Bissett (Ky. Coal Assoc). Participants included professionals from a variety of energy-related industries. Bill Bissett spoke to the group and answered questions.

UK Interactions

Energy Club Tour of University of Kentucky's coal-fired boiler plants

  • Sixty people from the UK community toured one of UK's coal-fired boiler plants with plant manager and engineers. It was arranged by the UK Energy Club and UK women in Mining organizations. The event was followed up by talks the following day by speakers Bob Wiseman, VP of UK's facilities and Shane Tedder, Coordinator UK Office of campus sustainability. They spoke on UK's power generation and the new EMPOWERED program.
  • The College of Design is providing a Physical Model Production & Future Use Ideas for the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant Industrial Area and vicinity.
  • CAER Petrologist Jim Hower is on the search committee for the Earth & Environmental Sciences chairman, which will make recommendations to the dean concerning the appointment of new department chair. He is also on the master's committee for E & ES student, Alice O'Brian.
  • Director Rodney Andrews attended the Annual KGS Advisory Board meeting, of which he is a member.

Meetings and Special Presentations

History of Catalysis Logo

  • Associate Director Burt Davis gave a presentation at the Coal/Natural Gas to Liquids Meeting at the CAER to the American Freedom Fuels and Chemicals group on the History of Fischer-Tropsch process, CAER involvement and current CAER work.
  • Sarah Mardon met with the Henderson, Kentucky Mayor to talk about several issues including CAER and work she is involved with in Henderson County.
  • Rodney Andrews presented on possible collaborations between CAER and TVA (met in Frankfort in Dr. Len Peter's office.)
  • Cesar Merino, Fernando Rey & Ingacio Martin-Gullon of Grupo Antoltin and the University of Alicante, Spain traveled to CAER to discussed research collaboration between Grupo Antoltin and the University of Kentucky.

Outside Interactions

Algae Tubes in UK CAER's Greenhouse Lab

  • The Biofuels Group hosted a visitor from China's ENN Science & Technology Development Co. Mr. Zhenzi Zhang met with the algae team to discuss mutual interests in CO2 capture and utilization using algae. A tour of the algae greenhouse was included. Around the same time, the group also met with David Mohler and Doug Durst from Duke Energy, and separately, with representatives from Paradigm Biosciences International for similar reasons.
  • Shiela Medina and Tom Robl participated in a CURC Webinar where several speakers discussed various coal related information on developing a roadmap for coal.


  • Greg Copley toured Pike Co. Logging Jobs to discuss potential biomass densification for energy development with Tim Hughes, state director for biofuels. With Hughes, also met with representatives from Fruit of the Loom to discuss biomass boiler conversion in Jamestown, Kentucky.
  • Big Ass Fans representative met with Courtney Fisk and Rodney regarding the new CAER Lab Bldg #2.
  • Kunlei Liu met with Duke & LLNL Personnel in Owensville regarding U.S. China Cerec Project at Duke's Gibson Power Station.
  • Darrell Taulbee and the CAER Energy Coordinators attended the Coal / Energy Reception at Buffalo Trace Clubhouse in Frankfort. It was sponsored by: Coal Operators and Associates; Kentucky Coal Association; Kentucky Oil and Gas Association; and the Western Kentucky Coal Association.


Scientist assisting a Student in the Lab.

  • Russell Cave Elementary toured CAER. Approximately 50 children toured the CAER laboratories and interacted with many of the scientists and engineers.
  • Sarah and Greg met with Audubon Park staff to discuss format and programming for a geology/energy camp at the John James Audubon Park in Henderson, Ky.
  • Sarah presented information to Muhlenberg Co. high school students about energy careers at their career fair. She focused on her work as a geologist. She talked with four groups of students, bringing in samples of coal and coal pellets (for petrography work). She performed a similar activity at the Webster County Area Technology Center.
  • Bree McCarney presented information about KY energy club to variety of KCTCS deans, chairs and directors.

Teaching and Instruction

  • Rodney Andrews gave 2011 George D. Graffin Lecture in Carbon Science and Engineering at Auburn University.