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Young CAER Engineer Lauded Nationally

Courtney Fisk

In the long history of the CAER, our researchers have received many accolades, but nobody received national attention on U.S.A. Today - before now.

Courtney Fisk, an engineer in the UK CAER Biofuels and Environmental Catalysis Group, is among a group of young engineers from across the country selected by National Engineers Week as a "New Face of Engineering." She was featured in a full-page E-Week ad running in the 2/16/10 edition of USA Today. A salute to the entire engineering profession, the ad carries photos of this year's New Faces of Engineering with a link to their biographies.

Courtney started at CAER in June of 2005 when she began her MS in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering. Professor Czarena Crofcheck was her primary advisor in BAE. She started working in the Carbon Group under Rodney Andrews and Mark Crocker; then moved to the Biofuels Group when that group was fully established. She has been with us full time since her graduation in August of 2007.

Belonging to a profession composed of only 20% females in the U.S., she says, "I wanted a major that would allow me the opportunity to do math and science. My cousin introduced me to BAE. Once I was part of that program, I was able to conduct research as an undergrad in the bioprocessing area. Because of that opportunity, I knew that I enjoyed research and wanted to turn that into my career."

Courtney recognizes that she has become part of the UK CAER at a special time of growth due to the world's appreciation of the importance of energy.

"I love the fact that we are growing into new areas of energy research. I enjoy not only working in the biofuels area, but also learning about all of the research going on in other groups. I think we are in a unique position at CAER to really make an indelible mark on our future, and not just the future of Kentucky. I can't wait to see where the research completed at CAER takes us as a center, university, state and country," she says.

Courtney is currently working on her MBA at the UK Gatton College for Business and Economics.