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Coal Combustion and Gasification Products

A New Refereed Journal BY and FOR the Ash Community

The University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research and the American Coal Ash Association announce the creation of the journal, Coal Combustion and Gasification Products. This is a unique, peer-reviewed journal that communicates coal ash research and emerging technologies. The organizations' goal is to bring together research that is published in disparate sources currently.

This is an international, on-line journal encompassing the science and technology of the production, sustainable utilization, and environmentally-sound handling of the byproducts of coal combustion and gasification. Contributions include papers describing original research results; proceedings of symposia; surveys; book reviews; overviews of recent literature; and letters to the editor. While the emphasis is on products from coal combustion and gasification, products of co-combustion of tires, petroleum coke, biomass, etc., with coal will also be considered. Above all, a contribution accepted for publication should be a novel, original, concise, and well-written advancement in the science and/or engineering of coal combustion and gasification products.

Coal Combustion and Gasification Products Journal cover art.

The journal will appear in two complementary formats.

  • The electronic journal hosts full-text papers and previously unpublished articles. Access to the journal is free, and there are no charges to authors for page fees or inclusion of data or color graphics/photos.
  • A printed variation, not a full replica, will be published as an insert to ACAA's magazine, Ash at Work, published twice a year with a circulation of over 3000. The Ash at Work insert will present shorter material, including abstracts of articles appearing on-line and short articles communicating research findings.

Publishing with Ash at Work will provide immediate visibility for Coal Combustion and Gasification Products and enhance the impact of the on-line full-text papers.

For more information, go to or contact the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. James Hower.