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UK Interactions

  • Several researchers have had their adjunct positions renewed recently. They include: Tom Robl (Earth and Environmental Sciences), Burt Davis (Chemistry); BK Parekh (Mining Engineering).
  • State Representative Johnny Ray Turner toured the CAER and learned about the type of research the lab is capable of doing.
  • The Center for Applied Energy Research has partnered with over sixteen departments and centers at the University of Kentucky to collaborate in the 2009 Solar Decathlon. The US Department of Energy bi-annually conducts the US Solar Decathlon in Washington, DC. This is a competition in which twenty college- and university-led teams from around the world work to design, finance, construct, and operate the most energy-efficient, solar-powered homes imaginable. The team-constructed 800 square foot house will be built on the UK campus and then transported and assembled on the National Mall between the Washington Monument and the Capitol where it will be judged in ten areas evaluating the next generation of energy efficient solar-powered homes.
  • UK Vice President of Research, Dr. Jim Tracy, visited the CAER on January 24th to familiarize himself with staff and facilities.

Meetings and Special Presentations

  • Rodney Andrews and Jim Neathery made presentations at an Energy Working Group in the UK College of Agriculture.
  • Rodney Andrews attended a Rotary Club meeting, along with Jim Cobb, Director of KGS. There were discussions of a Western Kentucky energy officer, who would serve as outreach coordinator for the CAER to the western part of the state.
  • Burt Davis gave a presentation entitled 'Basic Studies for the Production and Upgrading of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Products to Fuels,' on 2/12/08 to the NASA Annual Review Meeting via WebEx.
  • Rodney Andrews testified before the interim joint committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources on December 12th in Frankfort.

Educational Outreach

Tristana Duvallet and Cedric Morin

  • Tristana Duvallet and Cedric Morin came to the CAER in February as French materials engineering students from France's ESIREM program in Dijon, have done for the last nine years. Over the next several months they will perform research in the labs that will qualify for their senior year internship.

KY Ash Education Logo

  • A new ash education web site was recently launched by the CAER. This web site was originally the product of a Commonwealth Collaborative grant from the University of Kentucky President's. The interactive web site provides clear explanations of the issues surrounding coal combustion (by-) products, their potential for beneficial utilization, environmental cleanup, and what the University of Kentucky is doing to study them.
  • The first CAER Energy Fair was held on January 23rd. Details can be found in this issue's feature story.

Staff/Student Accolades

  • A patent entitled "Method and System for Beneficiating Gasification Slag" was granted to CAER researcher Dr. Jack Groppo, along with C.E. Price and W.L. Barnwell.

Outside Interactions

  • U.S. Army Aviation Missile Regional Development Engineering Center (AMRDEC) held a kick-off meeting for a joint carbon composite program with the Material Sciences Corporation and the CAER.
  • CAER Engineer Program Manager, Shiela Medina, recently arranged a meeting, presentation, and tour of the lab for members of the Utilities' Information Exchange (UIE).
  • We have started collaboration with Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which has made progress in the catalytic conversion of ethanol produced from sugar cane.