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General CAER News

The CAER Unit Self Assessment Study for the five-year review by UK is in the final stages of completion. The actual review is likely to take place by the end of the second quarter of 2005.

The CAER began interviewing applicants for positions in the Environmental and Coal Technologies and Clean Fuels and Chemicals groups.

The "Comprehensive Energy Strategy" document for Kentucky was released on February 7th by Gov. Ernie Fletcher. CAER Director Ari Geertsema was one of a team which gave advice concerning energy in the months preceding the announcement.

Ari was interviewed by representatives of WUKY for a segment on the university's public radio station concerning energy research.

Outside Interactions

A delegation of dean and department heads from the University of Anhui in China visited the lab on January 21st.

Polly Sinnett-Jones, a graduate student from the University of Southampton, worked in the Carbon Materials Group during the month of February.

The CAER has hosted groups of French materials engineering students from The University of Dijon's ESIREM engineering school since 1999. Each year they work at the CAER for five months in the areas of catalysis and carbon materials. This year's students are: Vladimir Kocic, Anne-Sophie Schuller, David Nove-Josserand, and Sandrine Ricote.


The catalysis group is mentoring a high school student, Elin Rhodus, from the Lafayette High School's EBCE program.

Meetings and Special Presentations

The CAER, along with the Institute for Scientific Research and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, sponsored a "Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composites Workshop," January 11-12th at the Hyatt Regency in Lexington. The focus of the workshop was the need for revolutionary high strength, high strength-to-mass ratio materials to enable future space development.

UK Interactions

Ari presented a lecture at the Kentucky Transportation Center's Professional Development Seminar on Jan 13th. The title was Global and National Energy Usage. He also gave a lecture at the UK Physiology Department's Seminar Series on January 26th. It was titled Perspectives on the Global and US Energy Scene.

Ari is teaching "Fuel Processing Technology" for the second time to seniors and graduate students in Chemical Engineering this semester. The class took a field trip to the EKPC Spurlock Power Station in Maysville on 2/21 where they had an informative tour of the new Circulating Fluidized Bed unit which is in the final commissioning phases.

On Feb 23, Jim Hower participated in the UK Minorities in Mining Committee.