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January-February, 2004 - VOLUME 3, NUMBER 1

General CAER News

The research projects of several staff members were featured in the most recent issue of the Lane Report, a journal on business. To view the stories, go to:

On January 20, a full day "CAER Project Portfolio Review Meeting" was held to cover the progress, status and prospects of the range of research topics at CAER. This was a significant "first of its kind" meeting. All staff members were invited and 20 presentations were made. The meeting was well received and it gave the opportunity for staff to get a better insight into the work of their colleagues. Several Faculty Associates also attended. Such meetings are planned to be held two to three times a year.

Joel H. Beeghly of Carmeuse Lime Company is the recipient of the 2003 Barton A. Thomas Memorial Award for the best technical presentation made at the 2003 International Ash Utilization Symposium. This award was established in 1995 to honor the memory of Mr. Thomas, who was a pioneer in the field of coal combustion ash management. Mr. Beeghly's presentation was entitled "Recent Experiences with Lime - Fly Ash Stabilization of Pavement Subgrade Soils, Base, and Recycled Asphalt."

Proposals and Awards

A meeting with all the stakeholders of the DOE supported Multiproduct Clean Coal Project of $9 million was held with CEMEX, LG&E (KU) and the U.S. DOE attending with CAER staff. Significant progress has been made to move the contract negotiations forward but it is still uncertain when the project will be formally launched.

Discussions were held at the South East Consortium of Aluminum Technology (SECAT) to determine the possibility of submitting joint proposals matching the needs of the aluminum industry and CAER's skills base. It was agreed that a proposal to cover the use of coal-derived materials for anode production will be submitted in response to an "Industries of the Future" solicitation due to be issued soon.

Meetings and Special Presentations

The Director made a presentation to the Energy and Mineral Law Foundation's Winter Workshop. The topic was "Coal Technology: Options Ahead." The presentation focused on the role of coal technology and how coal can and is likely to be an increasing source of energy in the U.S. for the next few decades.

Tom Robl and Jack Groppo attended a short course sponsored by the University of Wisconsin, Madison, January 26-29. It was entitled Fine Particle and Nanoparticle Processing.

The agreement with the American Coal Ash Association has been signed as the basis for the World of Coal Ash (WOCA) conference to be jointly held with CAER in Lexington in April 2005. Planning for the conference is in full swing. This conference will replace CAER's International Ash Utilization Symposium for 2005 and a decision on continued collaboration will be made after the 2005 WOCA meeting.

Staff/Students Accolades

BK Parekh with Richards Award

B.K. Parekh

B.K. Parekh was presented with the Robert Hallowell Richards Award for 2004 for his contributions to the science of treating and dewatering coal fines and the advancement of related process technologies. The presentation was made February 25 at the 2004 Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado. The award is sponsored by the American Institute on Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers. Dr. Parekh presented the Richard Award Lecture, entitled "Solving Processing Problems using an Interdisciplinary Approach." (See this month's Real Time feature article for more details.)

Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller, a senior at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Lexington, Kentucky has joined the staff of the CAER. Patrick is participating in the Fayette County School system's EBCE Program, which stands for Experience-Based Career Education program. EBCE is an academic internship program that uses the classroom and the community to provide hands-on career exploration.

Nicolas Dogimont, Aurelie Mairet and Nicolas Thiebaut

From left to right: Nicolas Dogimont, Aurelie Mairet and Nicolas Thiebaut.

This year's French students from the materials engineering school (ESIREM) in Dijon have arrived. This group represents the sixth year in which students from ESIREM work at the CAER for around six months in order to complete their senior project at their university. These materials engineering students will be working in the Carbon and Clean Fuels and Chemicals Groups. They are: Nicolas Dogimont, Aurelie Mairet and Nicolas Thiebaut.

Outside Organization Interactions

Jim Fischer and Tobin Harvey, from the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Center in Golden, CO visited CAER on January 16th in order to learn more about research of interest to them. This was part of a larger and longer visit to UK's Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering. Several faculty members from the UK department accompanied the visitors. This is an opportunity for closer collaboration between the CAER and the engineering department and is also an opportunity for CAER to move strategically into bio-energy topics.

Three CAER staff members visited Western Kentucky University to strengthen ties with their Center for Advanced Combustion Engineering and the Thermal Analysis Laboratory. There are many common interests in work done there and at CAER. Future synergies and potential collaborations were explored. A reciprocal visit by some of their staff members occurred in February and included a CAER seminar by Dr. Pan, the WKU combustion lab director. The visit led to discussions of several topics of potential collaboration. One of the most promising topics involves mercury capture work.

Discussions were held with prospective industrial partners to assess the feasibility of using some of the materials developed by the Carbon Materials group for electrical storage. The discussions were at an exploratory stage, but are quite promising.

UK Connections

The Director attended a meeting in Madisonville with Dr. Todd and others to discuss the initiative at the local Community College to be of greater service to the coal industry. It is anticipated that an educational thrust regarding coal and energy training will be launched and CAER is prepared to assist with the initiative.