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CAER Research Appears on Cover of
Prestigious Scientific Journal

Snapshots of a project by the CAER Carbon Group appear on the cover of The Journal of Physical Chemistry (v. 105, number 51). The CAER group has been collaborating with Drs. Susan Sinnott (University of Florida) and Luke Hanley (University of Illinois - Chicago) on a combined experimental-theoretical study of nanotube functionalization. The nanotube is a graphitic sheet wrapped to form a seamless cylinder of carbon. Although very strong separate entities, it is very difficult to force them to chemically interact with other nanotubes or molecules. Dr. Sinnott's work theorized (through a computational approach) how nanotubes would undergo chemical functionalization, and even tube-to-tube cross-linking, through ion bombardment. Working with Hanley's group, the CAER group synthesized nanotubes on silicon wafers, which were then bombarded with CF3+ ions, yielding strong experimental evidence of chemical functionalization, in agreement with the simulation results.