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Communication and Interaction

p>The CAER's bimonthly newsletter Energeia has a readership of 5,000 including 300 international subscribers. Energeia features articles on issues and technical advancements relevant to the energy field.

The public CAER Web site disseminates a wealth of information on all aspects of the laboratory. This web site is created and maintained by CAER staff members with skills in web development, specifically -- web and graphic design, site maintenance, content analysis, development and maintenance of the server, and hardware and network resources. the CAER web committee also supports several other web sites. These sites include those dedicated to upcoming CAER sponsored conferences, other Centers or consortiums affiliated with the lab, and an internal web page for conveying information to the staff.

Staff members continue to support the Mine Map Information Center, along with the Kentucky Department of Mines and Minerals. The Mine Map Information Center (KDMM) is the Commonwealth's premier facility for Kentucky coal and clay mine information. All available data and maps, which includes 102,000+ records, regarding these mines are available with information beginning in 1884 to the present. The heart of the project is the Mine Map Information System (MMIS). This database provides the indexing, retrieval and reporting required for the mine maps and data. Data may be accessed in a universal manner and distributed in any format.

Additionally a CAER staff member supports the Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas (Cabinet for Public Protection and Regulation, Department of Mines and Minerals). She is responsible for all database development and maintenance (programming and data). The Risk Based Data Management System, was recognized by US Department of Energy by inclusion in the Energy 100 List of projects that have resulted in improvements for American consumers, (1977- 2000). The project was number 96 on the Energy 100 web site.