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executive summary for FY 1998-1999

Frank Derbyshire

It is on a sad note that we release this annual report; that being, the untimely death of Dr. Frank Derbyshire who served as our director these past ten years. The text that follows is taken from Frank's last editorial in Energeia in which he took the opportunity to expound on the recent good fortune of the center. His comments are still current for the period covered by this report - for the fiscal year ending 30th June, 1999. We are publishing his letter here, posthumously, in place of Frank's customary Executive Summary which has appeared in the beginning pages of our annual reports.

Frank will be forever a part of the fabric and lore of our institution. He charted the course we took over the past decade and provided a welcomed measure of stability at the helm. He had the vision that we could be truly world class and pushed us to achieve those new heights. He brought distinction to our organization and put us on the map - literally around the globe. He did this through his personal diplomacy, the weight of his personality, and through his leadership and talents. And, he did this by marshalling the considerable energies and talents of our staff - by setting loose their creativity and encouraging their entrepreneurship.

Perhaps more than anything Frank will be remembered for his warm heart, sharp wit and good cheer. He was always there to lend an empathetic ear and a kind word of encouragement. He brought enthusiasm and zeal to everything he did, to everything we accomplished together. He brought laughter and humor into our workplace. He made our work into fun and play.

We are all better for having known Frank Derbyshire. Our dear friend and colleague will be sorely missed. At the same time, our staff has weathered many changes in the Center's 20-year history, and I expect will respond with the same characteristic resiliency that has marked their response on so many other occasions.

Don Challman
Associate Director
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