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Interdisciplinary Studies of Peat and Coal Origins

The Geological Society of America, Inc. Microform Publication 7
Edited by P.H. Given and A.D. Cohen
Published by The Geological Society of American, Inc.
3300 Penrose Place, Boulder, Colorado 80301
Copyright © 1977 by The Geological Society of America, Inc.

The original microform publication was scanned into Acrobat 5.0 version PDF format in November 2003 under the direction of Dr. Jim Hower, Manager, Applied Petrology Laboratory, Center for Applied Energy Research, University of Kentucky and GSA member. Permission to place the publication on the CAER Web site was granted by editor Dr. Art Cohen, Department of Geological Sciences, University of South Carolina.

Why revive such an old publication? The original format, microfiche, while not totally extinct, is not the medium of choice for modern publications. The Geological Society of America experimented with microfiche publications for a few years, then abandoned the format, orphaning the few publications published in that format. The microfiche cards that we have seen of this publication are not in good condition, therefore, most pages were scanned from the unpaginated original paper copy borrowed from the files of Art Cohen. We hope that this publication will be of interest to coal geologists now that it is in a more accessible format.

This publication may be printed but cannot be modified in a word processing application. Please utlize the above information for citation purposes. Copyright is held by The Geological Society of America, Inc.

This publication represents the proceedings of a symposium on "the Geology, Paleobotany, Geochemistry, and Microbiology of Peats". The symposium was held during the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America and associated societies which took place in Miami, 18-20 November, 1974, and was jointly sponsored by the Coal Geology Division of the Society and the Organic Geochemistry Division of the Geochemical Society. Fourteen papers were presented, and nine are included in this publication. Five authors elected to make other arrangements for publishing their work; but the abstracts of these five papers, as submitted for inclusion in Abstracts with Programs, volume 6, number 7, 1974, are included here for completeness.

Following files are made available in PDF format.

Table of Contents for the GSA Publication - Interdisciplinary Studies of Peat and Coal Origins
Chapter Page
Title Page 1
Preface 5
Petrography and paleobotany of petrified Paleocene peat and its bearing on the coalification of lignite (Abstract)
Francis T.C. Ting
The Beckley seam - An example of a back-barrier coal in southern West Virginia (Abstract)
M.J. Robinson and R.A. Melton
Paleoenvironmental reconstructions - An aid in predicting acid mine drainage problems
F.T. Caruccio and J.C. Ferm
Paleobotany of permineralized peat (coal balls) from the Herrin (No. 6) coal member of the Illinois Basin
T.L. Phillips, A.B. Kunz, and D.J. Mickish
Some peat bogs in Washington County, Maine: Their formation and trace-element Content
C.C. Cameron and N.A. Wright
Organic geochemistry of Okefenokee peats: Metal constituents
D.J. Casagrande and L.D. Erchull
Characteristics and peat stratigraphy of tree islands in certain wetland environments
P.J. Gleason, R.H. Hofstetter, A.D. Cohen, and P.A. Stone
Morphological and microchemical correlations of living and fossil Botryococcus (Abstract)
K.J. Niklas and T.L. Phillips
Early diagenesis of fatty acids in mangrove peats, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
R. Sassen
Microbial activities in the decay of Rhizophora mangle leaves (Abstract)
J.W. Fell
Cell wall polymers of higher plants in peat formation: The role of microorganisms
C. Exarchos and P.H. Given
Environmental aspects of marsh gases
F.M. Swain, B.D. Johnson and J.J. Pittman
Geochemical effects of organic-rich swamp effluents from the Okenfenokee swamp-marsh complex of southern Georgia
J.H. Reuter and K.C. Beck
Particle size distribution and 13C content of dissolved organic matter in a salt marsh (Abstract)
J.A. Calder and F. Kearsley
Keywords: peat, coal, coal geochemistry, coal petrology, acid mine drainage
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