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Engineered Fuels

The Engineered Fuels lab produces transportable, high-value fuel briquettes and pellets, chiefly from low-value or waste fine coal and biomass. Engineered Fuels lab staff has collaborated with state, federal, and industrial partners on numerous briquetting and pelletization projects culminating in three licensing agreements.

Working with Briquettes in a lab

Specialized equipment within the Engineered Fuels lab includes:

  • Komarek Model B-220 briquetter
  • Komarek Model B-100 briquetter
  • 40-cm (16-inch) diameter pan pelletizer
  • 91-cm (36") diameter pan pelletizer (Mars Mineral)
  • 2-stage, 122-cm (48") diameter roller drum
  • 9-ft3 ribbon/paddle mixer
  • 80 L dough style blender
  • Gravimetric feeders (~20-300 kg/hr)
  • Volumetric feeder
  • 65-kW pellet/briquette dryer
  • 30 kw microwave dryer
  • Delivery and collection conveyors
  • Knife mill dedicated to biomass preparation (~100 kg/hr)

The facility also contains briquette-testing equipment (compressive strength meters and test stand, attrition mills, drop shatter apparatus, etc.), controlled environment chambers for curing, and a vibrating screener for fines removal. A wide range of equipment for chemical and physical testing and for sample preparation is also available.

The services of the briquetting and binder development facility are available for industrial, academic, or government projects. Coupled with support from other sectors within the CAER, the Engineered Fuels lab contains the capabilities and expertise to conduct projects ranging from small-scale laboratory research to larger-scale production runs including the critical aspects of feedstock preparation, pellet/briquette production, and product evaluation.

To learn more about these capabilities, contact Dr. Darrell Taulbee.

Large-Capacity Briquetter and Sample Preparation Equipment
Komarek B-220 briquetter

CAER places into service larger-capacity briquetter and sample preparation equipment. Capabilities of Engineered Fuels Group has recently expanded with the receipt of Komarek B-220 briquetter and 9 ft3 ribbon-paddle blender manufactured by Scott equipment. The briquetter and blender combination is expected to significantly increase the CAER's ability to provide services for our industrial partners with respect to producing briquetted or pelletized fuels in quantities sufficient for combustion tests.

Contact Darrell Taulbee.