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Centerwide News
New CAER Director, Ari Geertsema arrived on February 12. A reception welcoming Dr. Geertsema and his family to Lexington was held February 15 at the Faculty Club. A description of his professional experience can be found on the CAER web site:

There was a tour for Centre College (Danville, KY) chemistry majors on January 17th. Their interests were in both the research carried out at CAER and in talking to researchers' whose degrees were in chemistry.

Aurora Rubel was a member of panel discussion on Ammonia in Ash at the 14th International Symposium on Management and Use of Coal Combustion Products, San Antonio, TX.

On Feb. 21st the director met with the Management Group to discuss organizational structure.

The Waste Management Group, including Tom Robl, Jack Groppo, Bob Rathbone and Mark Tyra, held a contractor's review meeting with representatives from the DoE regarding the start-up of the Phase II Ponds Recovery Project.

Recent efforts have been made to implement both short and long term plans for the CAER. The director has held a series of discussions with the lab's Advisory Board members to garner their ideas and opinions on directions for the Center's research. In a related move, the three programs, Coal Cleaning (BK Parekh), Dry Beneficiation (John Stencel), and Waste Management (Tom Robl) have been combined into one called the ECT "Environmental and Coal Technology" program. The integration of these activities will improve the focus on industrially significant issues for the coal industry.

On April 13th the CAER was accepted as a member of CURC - The Coal Utilization Research Council. The national organization, comprised mostly of industrial coal organizations and academic partners, acts as a facilitator to spread information relevant to coal interests and coal-related research and development.

Ari Geertsema recently became a board member of the Kentucky Coal Council, and also will be serving on the Mining Engineering Foundation.

On April 24-25 Tom Robl and Ari Geertsema visited Washington, DC to meet with Representative Ron Lewis (5th district) and key staff members from the offices of Senator McConnell and Representative Rogers. In addition, on the 25th Ari attended a briefing on the President's Energy Policy at the White House. He also submitted a written testimony to the House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittees regarding the proposed Department of Energy budget and concerns about R & D funding.

In the beginning of April, Ari traveled to both Pittsburgh, PA and Morgantown, WVA to meet with key administrators at the Department of Energy to discuss targeting research efforts to the DoE's needs. He met with Rita Bajura, director of the National Energy Technology Lab (NETL), as well as other key staff.

Bill Brundage, Commissioner of the Office of the New Economy in the Cabinet for Economic Development, held discussions at the lab on March 7th. He is now looking for "Focus Areas" that the state can fund to promote a "New Economy." Three preliminary submission proposals have already been made by CAER for catalysis, carbon materials, and coal.

Ari gave a presentation entitled "Energy Policy and New Technology" as part of an Energy Forum held by the Kentucky Geological Survey on March 9th.

Two conferences held in Lexington recently saw strong participation by CAER: The Coal Utilization Conference (April 17-19) and The Society of Mining Engineers Meeting (April 20-21). Both included extensive tours of the CAER, with participation by staff. Also, Ari made a presentation at the SME Conference entitled "Utilization of Coal for Diesel Production." Following her keynote address at the Coal Utilization Conference Rita Bajura toured the CAER and learned about the progress of projects currently funded by the DoE.

Darrell Taulbee won best paper award at the American Foundry Society's 105th Casting Congress, in Dallas, TX, in April.

Thursday mornings at 10:00 have been set aside as a time for coffee and an informal update of lab news. This was established by the director as an effort to improve communications and morale at the lab.

U. Graham and B. Davis submitted proposal to DOE under the solicitation "Fuels Advanced Research: Development of Fuel Cell-Ready Ultra-Low Sulfur Gasoline," (Total Cost: $655,766 for 24 months).

Uschi Graham made a presentation on fuel cell development to visitors from Kentucky Coal Utilization meeting on April 18.

2000 News Highlights

Centerwide News
The first Derbyshire Research Professorship Endowment was awarded to Dr. Craig Grimes, Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Kentucky.

The last EPSCoR-sponsored Summer Intern Program was held this summer (2000) at the Center. Five high school students from Franklin, Lincoln, Hardin, Harrison Counties worked at the lab for two weeks with individual mentors. They presented their work on their last day before their peers, mentors, teachers and parents. This program began in 1993, with EPSCoR funding beginning in 1997.

The CAER hired two UK mining engineering students for the summer, Jodi Porter and Glenda France. One is funded by CONSOL Inc. and one is funded by a matching contribution from the CAER. The students will be performing work on coal processing and waste management.

The CAER exhibited at and had several researchers attend Coal Prep 2000 at Heritage Hall. This was an opportunity for lab personnel to interact with and present information to members of the coal industry.

Alice Marksberry was joint Program Chair for the Annual SLA/KLA Conference at Jenny Wiley State Park, Apr. 12-14. The theme was "Millennium Madness: Technology Trends in the Year 2000." Theresa Wiley demonstrated the CAER Library's database management software for a group from the Kentucky Commonwealth Virtual Library (KCVL).

On April 29th, 18 staff represented the Center in the Annual March of Dimes Walk. Through the efforts of the lab's March of Dimes Committee and the participating walkers, the Center raised over $2400.00 for the March of Dimes this year. Due to the intensified efforts of those on the CAER March of Dimes Committee, the CAER was recognized with several awards at the March of Dimes award ceremony including: the Award of Achievement; Most Improved Team; 11th top team in the WalkAmerica 2000.

Burt Davis attended the ACS Divisional Officers Training Conference in Clearwater Beach, FL on January 21-23. The purpose of this meeting is to train new officers in ACS's policies and procedures. Dr. Davis is the Secretary of the Petroleum Chemistry Division.

The CAER contributed $55,000 in scholarships for Mining Engineering.

Four students from the School of Materials Science (ESIREM) University of Dijon, France are working at the lab in order to complete their advanced materials engineering degree. They will be here until July. This is the second year of the study abroad program with this school. The students are currently working in the materials and catalysis programs.

A Five-year review committee met at the CAER during February. The purpose of the review is to assess the center's direction and evaluate accomplishments of the previous five-year period.

Carbon Materials
During this fiscal year a total of three patents have been granted in the carbon materials group. They are:

  • Activated Carbon Fiber Composite Material and Method of Making   --   Burchell, Weaver, Chilcoat, Derbyshire, and Jagtoyen
  • Activated Carbon and the Process for Making Same   --   Jagtoyen and Derbyshire
  • Preparation of Monolithic Composite Material   --   Kimber

Poster presentation "Effect of spinning temperature on the production of coal-derived carbon fibers," by Paige. Presler, R. Andrews and T. Rantell won First Place at the Regional Undergraduate Chemistry Research Poster Competition. Paige is an undergraduate student worker from Transylvania University.

Apparao Rao and Peter Eklund were co-editors of a newly published book titled, "Fullerene polymers and fullerene polymer composites," Berlin, Springer Publishing, 2000.

Coal Cleaning
B.K. Parekh was appointed to the Advisory Board for the International Pittsburgh Coal Conference

Waste Management
Tom Robl and Jack Groppo taught a short course entitled "The Production, Management & Utilization of Coal Combustion Products (CCPs)" at Tel Aviv University in Israel.

The CAER was notified that the proposal submitted to the U.S. DoE by Bob Rathbone and Tom Robl entitled "A Study of the Effects of Post-Combustion Ammonia Injection on Fly Ash Quality" was funded. The proposed U. S. DoE share is $149,815, and the UK share is $150,511. The project duration is 18 months.

. Uschi Graham made a presentation entitled "The role of organically modified clays in emerging nanocomposite technologies" in the UK Department of Geological Sciences' Spring 2000 Seminar Series.

Jim Hower taught a short course entitled "Western Kentucky Coals" for the Kentucky Geological Survey Coal Assessment Seminar Series.

Tom Robl and Jack Groppo submitted a patent application entitled, "Technology and methodology for the Production of High Quality Polymer Filler and Super-pozzolan from Fly Ash. (SN 60/188,876).

Tom Robl attended the American Coal Ash Association Annual Meeting and Workshop in San Diego, CA on Jan. 24-26.

1999 News Highlights

Centerwide News
Frank Derbyshire, Tom Robl, and Jim Neathery attended a Press Conference in Winchester on February, 5th at which Governor Paul Patton and representatives of Global Energy, Inc. and East Kentucky Power Cooperative announced the Kentucky Pioneer IGCC Project.

Frank Derbyshire, along with William Sturgill, David Drake, Hal Coffman, Dwight Lockwood, and Jennifer Williams, presented information on the Kentucky Pioneer Energy Project to the Interim Joint Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources, on February 10th in Frankfort.

The CAER contributed $55,000 in scholarships for Mining Engineering, 29 scholarships in the fall semester and 10 in the spring semester.

Frank Derbyshire was the Peter Given Lecturer at Pennsylvania State University March 28-April 2. He presented three lectures on "Coal Structure and Coal", Uti"Carbon Materials from Coal", "Activated Carbons - Emerging Technologies". The purpose of the annual lectures is to honor the memory of Peter H. Given, who contributed to many areas of coal science including coal structure and liquefaction.

Frank Derbyshire and Eric Grulke attended The Aluminum Association workshop, at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Materials in San Diego, CA, in order to encourage formation of the Science and Engineering Center for Aluminum Technology (SECAT) at the University of Kentucky.

Frank Derbyshire and Tom Robl appeared before the U.S. House Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior and Related Agencies in Washington, D.C.on April 13-14. They also visited the Offices of Sen. Mitch McConnell and Congr. Ernie Fletcher to discuss the Kentucky Coal Council's efforts to establish a Pioneer Plant program.

Consecutive tours were held at the lab on May 24th and 25th for the Virginia Tech Coal Center Advisory Board and the Kentucky Aluminum Advisory Board respectively.

CONSOL Energy sponsored research at the CAER by two undergraduate students (Tanaporn "Goe" Sakulpitakphon and Christian Wallover) and this summer. The students' investigations were in the fields of petrography and mine mapping, working with Jim Hower and John Hiett, respectively. The purpose of the program is to give undergraduates a taste of energy issues and the research process.

Six students participated in the DoE EPSCoR-Funded high school internship program this summer at the CAER. The students worked on projects for two weeks at the lab while staying in UK dorms at night. The students were: Ashley Smith (Sonora), Toa Veerasethakul, Kelly Inman, Daniel Howe (Frankfort); Josh Northcutt (Cynthiana), and Andrew Singer (Cecilia).

The CAER Management Group attended the annual management retreat in Rising Sun, Indiana May 17-18.

Jay Willer of the Institute of Gas Technology (IGT), spoke on August 3rd and 4th at the CAER and UK. Willer is a lobbyist for the Institute of Gas Technology (IGT). In his CAER talk, he discussed his history of working with the DoE and EPA. During the CAER-sponsored general talk at the Young Library, Mr. Willer provided pointers on how to secure adequate congressional and federal agency support for research and technology development.

Chris Lafferty, Brandy Daniels, and Marybeth McAlister met with representatives of the Kentucky Rural Development Center in Somerset, Kentucky to discuss future interactions with the CAER, the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center and the development center.

Winston Ho, started in August and holds a joint appointment with the CAER and the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering.

The 1999 International Ash Utilization Symposium was held Oct. 18-20 at Lexington Center's Heritage Hall and the Hyatt Regency Lexington. Keynote addresses were delivered by Rita Bajura, Director of the U. S. Dept. of Energy Federal Energy Technology Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Hans Thamm, Executive Director of BVK - Bundesverband Kraftwerksnebenprodukte e.V. in DÅsseldorf, Germany. There were a total of 102 presentations and 23 companies/organizations exhibited. The three organizers were the UK Center for Applied Energy Research, the journal FUEL, and the U.S. Dept. of Energy. Additionally, there were two sponsors, TVA and Synthetic Materials. Two hundred ninety-seven attendees came from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Korea, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the United States.

The Annual Research Celebration, sponsored by the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, was held at the Embassy Suites on October 7th. Dr. Bramwell announced the Derbyshire Research Professorship Endowment, which will support tenured full professors who have made outstanding contributions to research and graduate education. Rosemary and Ellie Derbyshire (Frank's widow and daughter) were in attendance.

The Annual Pitt Award was presented posthumously to Frank Derbyshire at the Pittsburgh Coal Conference. Advisory Board President Frank Burke received the award on behalf of Dr. Derbyshire. Also, a memorial service was held on behalf of Dr. Derbyshire on October 22nd at UK's Memorial Hall.

Rodney Andrews and Marybeth McAlister met with faculty and students at the University of Burgundy's School on Engineering (ESIREM) in Dijon, France and heard presentations by three students whose senior projects were completed at the CAER last summer. Students were interviewed for next year's exchange program.

The Center for Applied Energy Research, along with the College of Pharmacy, sponsored the third in the CAER's Distinguished Lecturer Series. Dr. Allan S. Hoffman, from the University of Washington spoke on the "Evolution of Medical Implants and Devices from the 20th Century into the New Millennium" on Thursday, November 4th, 1999. Dr. Hoffman is internationally recognized for his work in the field of responsive polymers and their application to medicine.

The CAER exhibited at the Annual Kentucky Science Teachers' Association (KSTA ) meeting November 4-6 at Heritage Hall.

November 15th - 18th, Matesh Varma, Program Director of EPSCoR, visited Kentucky. He met with staff from University of Kentucky on November 16th and staff from Western Kentucky University and Murray State University on December 17th and 18th.

Research Program News

CATALYSIS: Belma Demirel chaired four sessions on Resid Conversion and Coking at the Second International Conference on Refinery Processing held in conjunction with the AIChE 1999 Spring National Meeting in Houston, TX.

Burt Davis presented a seminar on Fischer-Tropsch at Phillips 66 in Bartlesville, OK.

COAL CLEANING: BK Parekh was an invited guest at TAPPI (Technical Association of the Paper and Pulp Industry) in Columbus, OH. The purpose of the meeting was to review environmental problems of the paper and pulp industry for experts in outlying fields who might bring a broader perspective to solving the industry's problems.

EMISSIONS AND POWER GENERATION: Melissa Ochsenbein and John Stencel attended the 3rd Annual Entrepreneurship & Commercialization Institute at Shakertown, KY April 20-22. This is a workshop that is sponsored by DOE EPSCoR and educates faculty and students on becoming entrepreneurs and commercializing a technology or product.

John Stencel and James Neathery traveled to Melbourne and Sydney, Australia during April for research discussions at universities, industries, and government laboratories.

The statewide EPSCoR meeting was held in Somerset, Kentucky on May the 11th. The KY DoE EPSCoR Program is housed at the CAER, with John Stencel and Melissa Ochsenbein serving as Director and Associate Director of the program.

John Stencel testified before the Kentucky State Interim Joint Committee on Senior Military Affairs regarding the EPSCoR Statewide Program.

A patent was issued to Stencel, Schaefer, Ban, Neathery, and Li entitled "Triboelectric Separator with Mixing Chamber and Pre-Separator," U.S. 5944875

MATERIALS: Three graduate students from the University of Dijon, France worked at the lab in order to complete their advanced materials engineering degree. They will be here until August. They are: Bouchra Safadi, Francois Vilain, and Stephane Villain.

The 5th Biennial CAER sponsored Carbon Workshop was held in Lexington July 7-9th. This was the final of these meetings initiated and chaired by Frank Derbyshire. There were around 80 people in attendance. The meeting focused on carbon research as it relates to: the environment, medicine, synthesis, and nanotubes.

Marit Jagtoyen, A.M. Rao, and Gene Harlacher chaired separate sessions at the 24th Biennial Conference on Carbon in Charleston, SC in July.

Tim Burchell and Fred Baker, co-chairs of the 24th Biennial Carbon Conference in Charleston, SC met with CAER planners of the next Carbon meeting to advise and assist in planning the Carbon 2001 Conference in Lexington, KY.

WASTE MANAGEMENT: Jim Hower received a Certificate of Merit from the Energy Minerals Division of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists on April 14.

Jim Hower was promoted to adjunct full professor and Uschi Graham was named adjunct assistant professor, both in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Kentucky.

Uschi Graham presented a seminar to the Department of Materials Science, The Pennsylvania State University entitled "Functional Fillers for Polyolefins."

Marc Kristen of BASI-AG in Ludwigshafen, Germany, was recruited by Uschi Graham to present a seminar on campus entitled Metallocenes - from a Laboratory Curiosity to Industrial Scale Applications." The seminar was presented on Aug. 31.

Uschi Graham was named a member of the U.S. Fuel Cell Council. Her term began in September.

Tom Robl met with representatives of the journal FUEL and its parent publishing company, Elsevier Scientific in Oxford, England. He also visited the IEA (International Energy Agency) Coal in London.

1998 News Highlights

MANAGEMENT RETREAT: This year's management retreat took place in French Lick, Indiana. This year's topics under discussion mainly centered on the goals of the individual program areas. As a result of these dialogues, each associate director will write a strategic plan, outlining his program.

PANEL REVIEW: Frank Derbyshire was in Australia from July 6-17th to participate in a panel review of the Cooperative Research Center for Technology for Power Generation from Low Rank Coals. The sites are located in Melbourne and Adalaide.

INTERNSHIP: The EPSCoR-sponsored CAER high school internship was held July 5th - 17th this year. The students hailed from: Breathitt, Christian, Cumberland, Floyd, Franklin, Hardon, Knott, and Muehlenburg counties. Many thanks to all the mentors involved in taking time away from their other responsibilities in order to work with these students. This year's mentors were: Heng Ban, Belma Demirel, Jim Hower (CO-PI on project), Jim Neathery, Bob O'Brien, Bob Rathbone/Allie Hobbs, Apparao Rao, and Darrell Taulbee/Mercedes Maroto-Valer.

Research Programs
CARBON MATERIALS: Marit Jagtoyen attended the International Conference on Carbon, Strasbourg, France, July 5-9. She presented two papers and announced the organization of same conference in Lexington in 2001. She also Co-Chaired the "Symposium on Carbon Materials for Environmental Applications," in the Fuel division of the ACS Fall Meeting in Boston.

CATALYSIS: A Catalysis Research and Testing Center has been created to channel the expertise of the catalysis group into an entity within the CAER, which will be recognized externally for its many contributions to catalysis work with industry.

At the American Chemical Society, Fall Meeting in Boston (Colloid Division, Catalysis Secretariat), Burt Davis organized and co-chaired a session with Dr. Irving Wender in honor of W. Keith Hall's 80th year. Dr. Hall is an esteemed figure in the field of Catalysis Research.

COAL CLEANING: B.K. Parekh was appointed to the editorial board of the International Minerals Processing Journal.

Zhuo (Sunny) Chen, a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, joined the Coal Cleaning program as a Post Doctoral researcher.

WASTE MANAGEMENT: The Department of Energy has awarded Tom Robl and Jack Groppo a contract entitled, "A Technology for the Recovery of High Quality Fuel and Adsorbent Carbons from Coal Burning Utility Ash Ponds and Landfills," with a total value of $2.1M over a three-year period.

Jim Hower has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Coal Geology for a three-year term starting January, 1999. He also chaired a session at the Geological Society of America Southeastern Section Meeting, Charleston, WV, March 29-31, 1998. He was also granted Certified Coal Geologist status by the AAPG Division of Professional Affairs.

COMBUSTION: A US Patent was issued recently to John Schaefer, Heng Ban, Dennis Finseth and John Stencel. It was entitled: "Triboelectrostatic Centrifugal Separation System".

Other News Notes
VISITING SCIENTIST: Dr. Adrian Hutton, School of Geosciences, University of Wollongong, Wollong, NSW, Australia spent two months at the CAER as a visiting scientist.

STUDENT AWARDS: CAER undergraduate co-op student, Tapiwa Gurupira has won two prestigious University of Kentucky awards. He is the 1998 recipient of the Lyman T. Johnson Odyssey Award; and the International Student Merit Scholarship. The Lyman award is named in honor of the first African-American student to enroll at the university. The second honor is an endowed scholarship to recognize an undergraduate foreign student of exceptional merit for strong academic performance and integrity. Both awards carry with them substantial scholarships.

CONFERENCE TIDBITS: The American Carbon Society notified the CAER in February that UK had been chosen to host the first biennial carbon society meeting in the next century. The 2001 meeting (which will be attended by approximately 400-500 people) will be held at the Hyatt Regency and Lexington Center's Lexington Center's Heritage Hall and chaired by CAER Director, Frank Derbyshire. Several CAER staff members and UK faculty members will serve on the organizing and technical committees.

BEST PAPER: Darrell Taulbee won the Best Paper Award from the American Foundrymen's Society (AFS) for the paper, "Understanding the properties of carbonaceous additives and their potential to emit benzene," which was presented at the 1997 society meeting. It was coauthored by T. Dempsey, V. LaFay, S. Neltner of the Hill and Griffith Co., Cincinnati, OH.

EVEN MORE AWARDS: Postdoctoral researcher, Mercedes Maroto-Valer, was recently awarded two prestigious prizes: The Ritchie Prize was awarded for the best PhD dissertation ("An NMR Investigation of Plasticity in Bituminous Coals,") in the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry at the University of Strathclyde, Scotland for 1997; and the Best Student Report presented by the Coal Research Forum of the United Kingdom for a report ("The Role of Semi fusinite in Coal Plasticity Development") at the International Coal Conference, Essen, Germany.

WALK FOR DOLLARS WINS FOR MARCH OF DIMES: The CAER group came in first of all groups at the University for the March of Dimes Walk on May. Organized (and participated in) by Melissa Ochsenbein and Margaret Grider, the following staff members walked for dimes: Leslie Hughes, Kathie Sauer, Kathy Kotora, Tom Robl, Howard Van Woert, Theresa Wiley, Danny Turner, and Ron Milburn.

LOCAL ARTIST DRAWS ATTENTION: Kathie Sauer won several awards recently from the Greater Lexington Club of Printing House Craftsmen, Gallery of Superb Printing Competition for CAER art work and publications.

1997 News Highlights

On July 10-11th, the CAER hosted two parallel workshops concerning carbon resources. The Workshop on Adsorbent Carbon and Science of Carbon Nanotubes were chaired by Frank Derbyshire and Peter Eklund, respectively. Three workshops on Adsorbent Carbon had been hosted previously in '91, '93, and '95, with an earlier Fullerene workshop running parallel sessions in '93. Last year's Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry, Dr. Richard Smalley, delivered a luncheon talk on "The Future of Fullerenes."

There was a planning meeting on August 5th to discuss a proposed Pioneer Plant for Advanced Coal-Fired Power Generation. The CAER is working in conjunction with the Kentucky Coal Marketing and Export Council to interest federal and state government, as well as, utilities in the importance of performing a feasibility study to assess the concept. Governor Paul Patton was a guest speaker at the meeting, which was attended by members of: state and federal government, utilities, coal producers and academia.

The CAER's summer high school internship program was held July 29th-August 8th. This year marked the beginning of a new externally-funded phase, which opens up the program to students across the state rather than just the Bluegrass area. The students who worked at the lab for two weeks and lived in the UK dorms were from: Franklin, Flemming, Cumberland, and Floyd counties.

The 1997 International Ash Utilization Symposium was held October 20-22 at the Hyatt Regency Lexington. There were 313 attendees from 20 countries. One hundred and one presentations were made. There were sixteen exhibits, fifteen sponsors and three organizing institutions (UK CAER, the journal FUEL published by Elsevier Science, and the U. S. Dept. of Energy's Federal Energy Technology Center). The Symposium was chaired by Dr. Thomas L. Robl of the UK CAER. Dr. Michael McCarthy, a Lecturer in the Concrete Technology Unit at the University of Dundee in Scotland delivered the Keynote Address. Other featured speakers were Dr. Richard Kruger of Ash Resources in South Africa and Miles Greenbaum of the U. S. Dept. of Energy. The Symposium included as one of its sessions the Dry Separation Technology Development Workshop, chaired by Dr. John Stencel of the CAER. It was a one day workshop addressing issues concerning dry separation technology.

The CAER celebrated its 20th anniversary on October 2nd. The celebration included presentations by Senator Wendell Ford; UK President, Charles Wethington; UK Vice President for Graduate Studies, Fitzgerald Bramwell, and former Kentucky Energy Secretary, David Drake. In addition, the CAER was fortunate to also have in attendence many supporters including: Otis Singletary, Charles Haywood, William Sturgill, and John Hall.

CAER senior petrographer Jim Hower was the co-chairman of (The Society of Organic Petrographers) TSOP-eastern American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) meeting held in Lexington, Sept. 27-30. He also won the Geological Society of America Coal Geology Division - 1997 Distinguished Service Award, Oct. 21, 1997.

A.M. Rao, Research Professor of Physics and CAER Associate Director and Professor of Physics, Peter Eklund, recently had an article published in the January 12th issue of Science magazine entitled, "Diameter Selective Raman Scattering from Vibrational Modes in Carbon Nanotubes". Coauthors include: E. Richter, Shunji Bandow, Bruce Chase, K.A. Williams, S. Fang, K. R. Subbaswamy, M. Menon, A. Thess, R.E. Smalley, and G. And M.S. Dresselhaus. Richter, Menon and Subbaswamy are also in the UK Department of Physics and Astronomy.

This article describes the detection of the Raman-active vibrational modes of very small carbon nanotubes (1-2 nm dia. and 1000's of nm in length.) A carbon nanotube can be envisioned as a graphene sheet rolled into a seamless tube. The tubes are so small that quantum size effects govern the Raman and IR activity of the vibrational modes. Perhaps the most startling outcome of the research was the observation of giant resonances in the Raman cross section associated with the unusual one dimensional nature of the nanotube electronic density of states. This type of "one-dimensional" resonance has never before been observed. The vibrational mode frequencies are important data to understand the effects of the tube wall curvature on the C-C bonding.

CAER Director Frank Derbyshire is the recipient of the 1997 Henry H. Storch Award in Fuel Chemistry, sponsored by the American Chemical Society. The award recognizes distinguished contributions to fundamental or engineering research on the chemistry and utilization of coal or related materials.

1996 News Highlights

Associate Director Dr. B.K. Parekh received a certificate of recognition from the U.S. DOE for his work on recovery of clean coal from waste streams.

Senior Petrographer Jim Hower won the Gordon H. Wood award for his work in Appalachian coal geology. This award is sponsored by the Energy Minerals Division of the Eastern Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Dr. Edward Teller of the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and Hoover Institute of Stanford University, was this year's CAER Distinguished Lecturer. He spoke to a capacity audience of approximately 500 people at the Singletary Center Recital Hall on "The History of Atomic Weapons" on October 16th. The following day, he gave a technical talk "Nuclear Reactors in the Next Century." He also spent the morning in round table discussions with members of the Physics Department faculty and students.

Faculty Associate Peter Eklund co-authored a book entitled The Science of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes with M.S. Dresselhaus and G. Dresselhaus, and published by Academic Press. CAER graphic artist, Kathleen Sauer, created the cover artwork for the book jacket.

CAER Associate Director Burt Davis was the recipient of the second annual Founder's Award at the Tri-State Catalyst Club spring symposium held May 6-7 in Charleston, West Virginia. He was recognized for his outstanding contributions to the field of catalysis and particularly for 16 years of involvement at the local and national level. He currently serves as the club representative to and as the secretary of the North American Catalysis Society. Annette M. Brenner, who is a University of Kentucky graduate student in the Department of Chemical Engineering, also was awarded a cash prize for her poster. It was entitled "Conversion of 2-Methylbutane Over a Sulfated Zirconia Catalyst" and coauthored by J. Thomas Schrodt and Burtron H. Davis