Visiting Scientists at CAER

Mark Dry

Mark E. Dry is a professor with the Department of Chemical Engineer at the University of Cape Town in Cape Town, South Africa, where he works in the Catalysis Research Unit. Dr. Dry will be at CAER from April 3 to May 13 to collaborate with various members of the Fischer-Tropsch Catalyst group to improve the understanding of the theoretical aspects of the FT project.

He worked in the R & D department of Sasol, South Africa from 1959 - 1993.

His research experience includes laboratory, pilot plant and demonstration plant research and development in the field of Fischer-Tropsch catalysis as well as catalytic research of downstream processes such as hydrofining, selective wax hydrocracking, etc.


Tsevi Minster

On February 10, Tsevi Minster arrived for a four month stay at the CAER as a visiting scientist. Minster is from the Geological Survey of Israel in Jerusalem, Israel. This is his second time as a visiting scientist at the CAER.


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