2002 Henry H. Storch Award

Burt Davis The University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research is pleased to announce that Associate Director Dr. Burtron H. Davis is to be the recipient of the American Chemical Society's 2002 Henry H. Storch Award in Fuel Chemistry. The award recognizes distinguished contributions to fundamental or engineering research on the chemistry and utilization of coal or related materials, over the previous five years. The presentation will be made at the ACS National Meeting to be held in Orlando, FL in April.

Burt Davis graduated with a B.S. in chemistry from West Virginia University in 1959 followed by a M.S., from St. Joseph's College (Philadelphia) and a Ph.D. from the University of Florida. He did his postdoctoral work under Paul Emmett at Johns Hopkins from 1965-66.

This was followed by a period of research with Mobil R&D Corporation, where he worked on naphtha reforming and aromatics hydrogenation. After working for Mobil, he returned to academia where he held the appointment of Associate Professor of Chemistry, Potomac State College, WVA from 1970-77. In 1977 he joined the staff of the Center for Applied Energy Research.

At the CAER he is responsible for developing a program in catalysis, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, surface science studies, clean gasoline reforming with superacid catalysts, upgrading naphthas and direct coal liquefaction. This program involves both academic research and cooperative research with industry. He has developed a laboratory with extensive capabilities using radioactive and stable isotopes in reaction mechanism studies and materials characterization.

Dr. Davis is an active member of several divisions of the American Chemical Society: Fuel, Colloid and Surface Chemistry, Petroleum and History of Chemistry.

Apart from his wide interests in direct and indirection coal liquefaction, catalysis in coal conversion, and synfuels production, he is responsible for videotaping about 2,000 historical figures in science. This 'hobby' has documented some of the greatest scientists of the last century, thus securing a lasting archive of valuable information that would have otherwise been lost.

Dr. Davis is the author or coauthor of more than 400 publications.


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