Two-Day Short Course

presented by
Professor Kenneth Sing
Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at Brunel University,
United Kingdom

and Visiting Scientist, University of Kentucky
Center for Applied Energy Research


An introductory course designed to assist scientists and technologists who use adsorption techniques in research, analysis or chemical engineering.

Date: November 3-4, 1997

Short Description:

There is a vast amount of literature on adsorption and the properties of solid adsorbents. It is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain a well balanced view of recent theories and computational procedures. To assess the significance of recent advances, "classical" theories of surface coverage and pore filling will be examined. Recent progress in such fields as adsorption energetics, network percolation and density functional theory will be reviewed. Although a range of excellent commercial equipment is now available, the choice is not easy and the interpretation of the data is not always straightforward. The purpose of experimental measurements will be examined and standard procedures proposed for the presentation and analysis of adsorption data. The course will start from first principles; no prior knowledge of adsorption theory or advanced mathematics will be assumed. In addition to the program of lectures, time will be allowed for informal discussion of experimental measurements. Participants are invited to bring their own problems and data for discussion.


Day 1 (Monday, November 3)

Introduction and historical aspects
Energetics of adsorption
Physisorption at the fluid/solid interface
Surface area determination
Mesopore analysis
Day 2 (Tuesday, November 4) Micropore analysis
Adsorption by active carbons
Adsorption by oxides (e.g. SiO2, Al2O3, MgO, Cr2O3)
Adsorption by molecular sieve zeolites, ALPOs, etc.
Model adsorbents (e.g. MCM-41)
Problem solving - interpretation of experimental data


Kenneth S W Sing Professor Sing's longstanding research interests have been mainly concerned with the adsorption of gases by porous and nonporous solids and the surface properties of carbons, oxides and zeolites. He is the senior author of over 300 papers and reviews; and co-author of the well-known book "Adsorption, Surface Area and Porosity" (by Gregg and Sing) published in two American and British editions (1967, 1982) and in a Russian translation. He has edited a number of other volumes on adsorption and surface characterization. His recent work on model adsorbents has involved collaborations with various groups in France, Germany, Australia and Japan. A new book on "Adsorption by Powders and Porous Solids," with F and J Rouquerol, will soon be ready for publication.

Until his semi-retirement in 1990, Sing was Professor of Chemistry at Brunel University, England. He is now Visiting Professor in the School of Chemistry of Bristol University, Honorary Research Fellow of Exeter University and an industrial consultant. He will be spending the months of October and November at the UK Center for Applied Energy Research.


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